Scandinavian Studies Award

Scandinavian Studies Association Language Scholarships and Torskeklubben of Edmonton Language Scholarships

Value: $1,000 CAD. Up to 8 awards may be given each year

Persons eligible: Students who have successfully completed NORW 212 or SWED 212 at the University of Alberta. Students may apply only in the same academic year they have completed 212 (first eligible applicants will complete NORW or SWED 212 in Winter 2020).

Deadline: May 15 of each year (beginning May 2020)

Application must include:

1. Full name of applicant

2. Contact information (postal address and email address)

3. Educational background (degree program and current level of study, e.g. 3rd year BA)

4. A short essay (max 250 words) detailing the importance of the study of the language in question to the student

Primary considerations in the adjudication of applications are the student's academic standing in NORW 212 or SWED 212 and the articulation of the significance of the study of Scandinavian languages and cultures for their overall degree program.



2020 Award Recipients

Talicia Dutchin
Parker Adam
Molly Fandrey