Alternative francophone
Editors: Sathya Rao & Christian Reyns

Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
Editor: Irene Sywenky

Connections: A Journal of Language, Media, and Culture
Connections is an annual academic publication led by the graduate students from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta. Established in 2019, this journal seeks to showcase innovative and interdisciplinary research that either challenges or reimagines normative approaches to applied linguistics, translation, comparative literature, media, and cross-cultural studies. Connections is committed to elevating the scholarly and creative voices of students engaged in research that crosses geographical, disciplinary, and political boundaries. Ultimately, this publication calls on authors to map the connections, wherever they may be.

Excavatio: International Review for Multidisciplinary Approaches and Comparative Studies related to Emile Zola and his Time, Naturalism, Naturalist Writers and Artists, Naturalism and Cinema around the World
Editor: Anna Gural-Migdal

Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies / Revue d'études interculturelles de l'image
Founding Editors/Fondateurs: Carrie Smith, Daniel Laforest, Sheena Wilson, William Anselmi

Language Awareness
Co-editors: Xavier Gutierrez and Leila Ranta

Multilingual Discourses
Editors: Elli Dehnavi and Lars Richter

Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos
Editor: Odile Cisneros

Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies
Co-editors: Carrie Smith and Markus Stock (U Toronto)

TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies
Editor: Anne Malena