multicultural societies

Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Major: emphasizing skill building, experiential learning and breadth.

This program serve to give students a strong theoretical foundation steeped in languages, comparative and cultural studies.

Be a leader of tomorrow's multicultural societies. Start your journey in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. 

Complete your major requirements and test out different classes. Design your academic plan- you're in control!

Choose between two routes:

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Undergraduate general questions and program advice can be directed to mlcs@ualberta.ca or contact the appropriate Academic Advisor listed below.

July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
Honours Mentor
Dr. Odile Cisneros
Email: odile.cisneros@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 218-C

Comparative Literature
Dr. Russell Cobb
Email: rcobb@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 409-C

Dr. Sathya Rao
Email: frenchadvisor@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 217-B

Dr. Claudia Kost
Email: ckost@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 308-A

Dr. William Anselmi
Email: wanselmi@ualberta.ca / Office: Humanities Centre (HC) 3-69

Norwegian, Scandinavian, & Swedish
Dr. Natalie Van Deusen
Email: vandeuse@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 316-D

Slavic (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian)
Dr. Jelena Pogosjan
Email: jelena.pogosjan@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 218-D

Spanish & Latin American Studies
Dr. Yvonne Lam
Email: yvonne.lam@ualberta.ca / Office: Arts 218-E


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