Cool Classes

Looking for great courses for 2019-2020? Check out these cool courses:

study irish 2019
clit 440
LA ST 499 winter 2020
mlcs 299 winter 2020
fren blended learning updated
  • Captivated by Cultural and Media Studies? Check out:
    MLCS 199 B2 Irish Culture; Winter 2020
    MLCS 199 B3 Superheroes; Winter 2020
    MLCS 210 B1 Language(s) of Culture; Winter 2020
    MLCS 299 B1 Language Conflicts and Identity; Winter 2020
  • Fascinated by Folklore? Check out:

    MLCS 205 B1 - History of Folklore Studies; Winter 2020

  • Find Comparative Literature Compelling? Check out:

    C LIT 102 B1 - World Literature II; Winter 2020
    C LIT 228 B1 - Literature, Popular Culture and the Visual Arts; Winter 2020
    C LIT 352 B1 - Literature and the Other Arts; Winter 2020

    C LIT 426 B1 - Orientalisms and Occidentalisms; Winter 2020

    C LIT 440 B1 - Comparative Studies in Popular Culture; Winter 2020
    SCAND 356 B1 - Women in Scandinavian Literature and Popular Culture; Winter 2020

  • In love with Latin America? Check out:

    LA ST 499 B1 - Latin American Feminisms; Winter 2020
    LA ST 210 B1 - South America; Winter 2020

  • Scandalized by Scandinavian Studies? Check out:

    SCAND 342 B1 - Vikings and Sagas; Winter 2020
    SCAND 356 B1 - Women in Scandinavian Literature and Popular Culture; Winter 2020

  • Seeking out Slavs? Check out:

    SLAV 299 B1 - Language, Conflicts & Identity; Winter 2020
    SLAV 499 B1 - Slavic Lang/Cult Online & Comm; Winter 2020

  • Transfixed by Translation? Check out:

    FREN 254 Introduction to Translation Theory and Practice: French-English-French; Winter 2020
    GERM 342 B1 - Introduction to Translation: German and English; Winter 2020
    MLCS 400 B1 - The History of Translation; Winter 2020
    SPAN 406 B1 - Exercises in Translation: English into Spanish; Winter 2020

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Please note that course availability is also subject to course enrollments. Courses that do not make minimal enrollment limits may be cancelled or converted into directed readings.

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