Visiting Scholars

Florian Mundhenke

Dr. Florian Mundhenke - DAAD Visiting Associate Professor (2020-2022)

Florian Mundhenke, M.A., Dr. phil. habil., is Temporary professor (W3) for Media Studies and Media Culture at University of Leipzig in Germany. Before he was Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Media and Communication (IMK) at University of Hamburg, Associate Professor for Media Hybridity (Juniorprofessor für Mediale Hybride) at the University of Leipzig, and Research Assistant at Philipps-University of Marburg as a responsible editor for the journal Media Studies/Reviews.

Florian was founder and speaker of the DFG-research network “Cinema as an experience space”: He got his PhD from Philipps-University in 2008 with a dissertation about chance in film (published by Schueren). His Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) was granted by University of Leipzig in 2016. The results were made available in a study dealing with hybrid forms between documentary and fictional film (published by Springer Science in 2017).

Other book publications include volumes on cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe (with Adachi-Rabe, Becker: Japan – Europa. Wechselwirkungen zwischen den Kulturen im Film und den darstellenden Künsten, Buechner 2010), and on the phenomenon of media mashups (with Wilke, Ramos Arenas: Mashups – Theorien, Praktiken, Methoden, Ästhetiken, Springer Science 2014).

Currently Florian Mundhenke researches the evolution and diversification of documentary media in the digital age (VR, AR, interactive documentary). He recently edited an international volume on interactive documentaries: Towards an Art of Participation – Aesthetics, Arts and Ethics of Interactive Documentaries (New Cinemas – Journal of Contemporary Film 1/2020, Bristol: Intellect 2020).

He is member of the German Society for Media Studies (GfM) and the Network for European Cinema and Media Studies (NECS). Florian has been visiting scholar at Université de Montréal (Canada) and at University of Bristol (England).

Fields of research: cultural and social questions of media, hybrid media between fiction and non-fiction, the cinematic apparatus and its challenges in the digital era, (new) media art/experimental film/passages between film and art, narration and storytelling across diverse media, interactive/web documentaries, audience studies, theories of media realism.

Maria Mayerchyk

Dr. Maria Mayerchyk - Visiting Professor (2019- 2020)

Dr. Maria Mayerchyk holds the Candidate of Sciences Degree in History with a specialization in Ethnology from the Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Recently Dr. Mayerchyk is affiliated with the Ethnology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". She is also a founding editor in chief of the "Feminist Critique: East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies" and a vice-director of the "Centre for Cultural Anthropological Studies" (NGO).

Dr. Mayerchyk has been a recipient of a number of research grants and fellowships at the Harvard University (USA, Shklar Research Fellowship), the Lund University (Sweden, Visby Program), University of Alberta (Canada, Kule Postdoctoral Fellowship), University of South Florida (USA, Fulbright Scholar Program), Center for Advanced Studies Sofia (Bulgaria, Gerda Henkel Fellowship), Central European University (Budapest, Curriculum Program Research grant), and International Association for Humanities (one year stipend).

She has delivered a numerous public talks and conference presentations in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, the UK, Ukraine, and the USA.

Maria is an author of a number of publications including a monograph Body and Ritual: Structural-Semantic Analysis of Ukrainian Family Rites (Kyiv: Krytyka, 2011). She edited a series of special issues of journals including one dedicated to the issue of Ukrainian folklore in Canada (Narodoznavchi Zoshyty, 2010/3-4) and recently published critically annotated collection of folklore Inventing the Obscene: The Hidden Collections of Fedir Vovk (the Ethnography of Sexuality in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries) (Krytyka, 2018) to which she has written an extended introduction.
Her research interests include history/ethnology/anthropology of sexuality, queer theory, feminist epistemologies, genealogies/geopolitics of knowledge, decolonial option, diaspora studies, ethnology, and critical folklore studies.

Former Visiting Scholars


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Dr. Yanyu Zeng - Hunan Normal University, China - November 2019
Dr. Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez - Visiting Professor (October 2019 - March 2020)


Dr. Tatiana Saburova - Stuart Ramsay Tompkins Visiting Professorship (2018-2019)
Anna Seidel - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service research; Graduate Academy of TU Dresden
Marianna Novosolova - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service/ research
Dr. Paulo Andrade - Brazilian Visiting Scholar