Jan Chalk Contract Instructor Award

This generous endowment funded by Jan Chalk, previous Assistant Chair (Administration), supports contract instructors in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies.


1. Exhibits a consistently superior command of the subject matter.

2. Instills in students a vital interest in, and enthusiasm for, the subject.

3. Consistently demonstrates a concern for student progress and is available and approachable for out of classroom consultation.

4. Strongly encourages and fosters independent study.

5. Generates a desire for continued learning.

This award is granted by the Chair's Executive Committee annually and presented at Department Council. Winners include:

  • Ute Blunck (German)
  • Christine Mhina (Swahili)
  • Marianne Lindvall (Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Mathieu Martin-Leblanc (French)
  • Andrea Hayes (French)
  • Crystal Sawatzky (German)
  • Patrizia Bettella (Italian)
  • Kate Primorac (Spanish)
  • Carmela Bruni-Bossio (Spanish)
  • Jolanta Lapiak (ASL)
  • Nada Chehayeb (French)
  • Delma Gil Wilson (Spanish)
  • John Eason (Norwegian, Scandinavian, Swedish)