Professors Emeriti

Edward Blodgett (†)
Professor Emeritus
Canadian and medieval literature.
Christopher Hale (†)
Professor Emeritus
Norse Mythology

Professor Emerita

Specialization - Age of Goethe. Women Writers of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century. German Folk and Fairy Tales. Historiography in German Prose and Drama. Biographies of German Women Writers.
Oleh Ilnytzkyj
Professor Emeritus
Ukrainian Literature, Language & Culture.
Natalie Kononenko
Professor Emeritus
Film, Media, and Image Studies; Folklore Studies; Ukrainian Studies; Slavic Studies; 20th and 21st Century Studies
Uri Margolin
Professor Emeritus
Comparative Literature.
Edward Mozejko
Professor Emeritus
Comparative Literature and Slavic Studies.

Andriy Nahachewsky
Professor Emeritus

Folklore; Ukrainian Culture; Dance; Material Culture.
Natalia Pylypiuk
Medieval and Early-Modern Ukrainian Culture; Diaspora and Dissent; Literature Today; Childrens' Literature; Ukrainian Language.

Claudine Potvin
Professor Emerita
Curriculum Vitae

Specialization - Québec and Latin American Contemporary Studies; Women's Studies / Women's Writing (Gender & Feminist Theory, Feminist Utopias); Visual Arts and Literature.

Tom Priestly
Professor Emeritus
Specialization - Description of the Slovene dialect of the village of Sele (Zell), Carinthia, Austria. Problems of retention and loss of minority languages, especially in Austria: historical, educational, sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects. Translation of Slovene literature, particularly poetry, into English.

Manfred Prokop
Professor Emeritus

Applied German linguistics, second language acquisition, second language teaching.

Peter Rolland
Associate Professor Emeritus
Literature of Kyevan Rus, Muscovite Literature esp. XVII Century East Slavic-West Slavic Literary Relations, Polish Renaissance and Baroque Literature, Slavic Folklore, Simeon Polotsky
Robert Thornberry (†)
Professor Emeritus
French Literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Massimo Verdicchio
Professor Emeritus
Dante and Petrarch, Theory of the Novel and the Anti-novel.
Raleigh Whitinger
Professor Emeritus

Specialization - Modern German literature since the Age of Goethe, Romanticism, naturalism, women's writing, film and literature, senior language courses, translation German-English.

Recent publication:Translation and Translating in German Studies

Richard Young
Professor Emeritus
Specialization - Contemporary fiction in Latin America seen through the prisms of narrative structure, Postmodernism and Cultural Studies, popular music and Urban Studies. Since retirement in 2004: return to a dormant interest in naval history through study of representations of the Battle of Trafalgar (21 October, 1805) in painting and popular fiction in England, France, and Spain.