Funded Research

Laforest SSHRC Connection Grant

Dr. Daniel Laforest

Dr. Daniel Laforest received a SSHRC Connection grant for his upcoming international conference "Literary Arts and Health Humanities Today and Tomorrow".
Megan Perram and Jonathan Garfinkel, MLCS PhD students, will both be presenting a paper.

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interactive games project

Dr. Astrid Ensslin , Dr. Chris Reyns, Dr. Walter Davis

"The Interactivity Project"
Interactivity is commonly recognized as an important feature of contemporary games and media, but its roles in older modes of communication and its potential as an exploratory tool are not widely understood. Under the direction of Chris Reyns-Chikuma (MLCS), Astrid Ensslin (MLCS-HC) and Walter Davis (EASIA), and sponsored by SSHRC, KIAS, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Education, and several Departments, the Interactive Project (TIP) proposes that interactivity should be both a subject of investigation and a means of generating new understanding. Staging a 5-week (Sept.28-Oct.30 2020), cross-disciplinary event, the project will bring scholars, creators, students, and the general public together to explore the complex ways in which interactivity has articulated human experience throughout our history and continues to do so today.
TIP has 4 main goals. First, showcase interactive media from across history and cultures, ranging from oral storytelling, the manuscript, and the printed book to video games. Second, collaboratively explore how these diverse media can complement each other. Third, draw together scholars and students from diverse departments, spanning spatial, administrative, and mental divisions and building bridges on key contemporary issues. Fourth, throughout the preparation and holding of the event, collectively explore transmedial curatorship as a form of research-creation by staging a space with activities that will encourage participation by colleagues, students, and the public.

sathya rao research 2019-2021

Dr. Sathya Rao

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2019-2021)
The Francopass: Turning the Francophone Community into a Sustainable Educational Resource for Second-Language learners.
The Francopass project draws on the "Passeport social" initiative launched in 2012 by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS) and Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ). It is a unique mobile application that makes use of a gamification and experiential learning framework to encourage students to attend events in the local Francophone community as a way to increase their linguistic and cultural competence. The project is conducted with the support of the Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta (ACFA) and Canadian Parents for French-Alberta. Partner community organizations include the Alliance Française d'Edmonton and L'Unithéâtre. The Francopass interdisciplinary team is comprised of Dr. Sathya Rao (PI), Dr. Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science), Dr. Martine Cavanagh (CSJ), and Dr. Laurent Cammarata (CSJ). The Francopass will be developed by Marissa Snihur and Ashley Herman under the supervision of Dr. Stroulia. Tests will be conducted on campus in the fall and winter 2019 for a campus-wide implementation in 2020. The next step of the project is to deploy the Francopass in Francophone schools, Immersion programs, and the community at large in Edmonton and Calgary.

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Laura Beard

Dr. Laura Beard

Dr. Laura Beard's new SSHRC IDG-funded project, "Wanted: A Life Narrative in Deadwood," supports research on a life narrative by John S. McClintock, Pioneer Days in the Black Hills: Accurate History and Facts Related by One of the Early Day Pioneers " (1939; University of Oklahoma Press, 2000). Bits and pieces of McClintock's memoir have become part of the public knowledge of history-used as an authoritative source by academic historians, popular historians, scriptwriters for HBO, by the City of Deadwood on their own website and in their public displays in town-yet there has never been an academic study of McClintock's memoir or the ways in which it has been used as a historical source. Beard's research into McClintock's memoir, its influence on the written and popular history of Deadwood and the Black Hills, and the traces of that history in present day cultural heritage tourism in Deadwood (specifically the Days of 76 events) allow her to explore how both individual acts of memory and collective acts of memory participate in the construction of national narratives. Beard is interested in what Marianne Hirsch and Carolyn Miller have called, in another context, "the persistent power of nostalgia" and the affective will to know that drives so much genealogy research, life narrative and cultural heritage tourism.

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astrid ensslin 500x290

Dr. Astrid Ensslin

Dr. Astrid Ensslin's new SSHRC IG funded research project, "Writing New Bodies: Critical Co-design for 21st Century Digital-born Bibliotherapy" (2018-2020), will use methods of cooperative inquiry and critical community co-design to develop an interactive digital story app (i.e., digital fiction) that can be evaluated as a tool for media-enhanced bibliotherapy to help young women from diverse and intersectional backgrounds address issues associated with body image concerns. The project is a collaboration with body image psychologists Drs. Carla Rice (Guelph) and Sarah Riley (Aberystwyth, UK), as well as award-winning feminist digital fiction writer, artist and game developer, Christine Wilks.

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Empowering communities SSHRC 500x290

Dr. Cisneros, Dr. Rao, and Dr. De Leon

This MLCS researchers team have received a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. Odile Cisneros, Ann De Leon, and Sathya Rao have partnered with Charlene Ball and the City of Edmonton on a project entitled "Empowering Communities through Translation: The Case of the Newcomer's Guide to Edmonton." The project will look at city-level translation policy and procedures as well as the impact of translation on our communities.

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laforest 500x290

Dr. Daniel Laforest

Received a SSHRC Insight Funding (2017-2021) for his research "The Biomedical Body and Everyday Life in Québec and Canada. A Literary Inquiry"

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Odile Cineros 500x290

Dr. Odile Cisneros

Received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for her project entitled " An Online Resource on Environment & Poetry from Latin America."

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Van Deusen 500x290

Dr. Natalie Van Deusen

Received a SSHRC Insight Grant for her project entitled "Mirrors of Virtue: Holy Virgins and Models for Womanhood in Early Icelandic Verse."

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Carrie Smith Prei

Dr. Carrie Smith

SSHRC funding for "Technologies of Popfeminist Activism"

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Jelena Pogosjan 500x290

Dr. Jelena Pogosjan

SSHRC funding for "IvanZarundy and the production of religious culture in Russia under Peter I"

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Natalie kononenko 500x290

Dr. Natalie Kononenko

SSHRC funding for her "Ukraine Alive" project working with Edmonton Public Schools to create an interactive On-Line tool for the Grade 3 Ukraine Social Studies unit.(
KIAS grant for The Spiritual Documentation Project (the Sanctuary Project for short)

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Yvonne Lam 500x290

Dr. Yvonne Lam

SSHRC funding for "Upper Necaxa Totonac in context; Exploring the past, present and future of Northern Totonac" (PI is Dr. David Beck, Linguistics; co-applicant is Greg Kondrak, Computing Science)

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