The Portfolio

The portfolio is designed to help students develop the competencies needed to achieve their academic and career goals and to transition successfully to the workplace upon completion of their program. The various modules within the portfolio emphasize the development of skills and attributes that can be transferred to a wide range of career paths. Two of the modules (grant writing and information literacy) are required of all students, regardless of degree program or stream. The remaining elective modules are individually tailored by the students, under consultation with the stream advisor and/or supervisor, to align with their career interests and the skill gaps that they wish to address. Upon completion of the portfolio, students will have the opportunity to showcase their achievements during a department event. Please note that students will be completing the modules throughout the program of study; actual registration in MLCS 795 and/or MLCS 796 occurs when all the modules have been successfully completed.



Required modules (five week workshops)

These two modules are completed in your first term of study.



Elective modules

MA-course choose 4; MA-thesis and PhD choose 1