Where do I start?

In your first Fall term, familiarize yourself with the information on this website. The first step is completing the Anticipated Portfolio Plan and Timeline, which will be your guide. Upon consultation with your Stream Advisor or the Graduate Advisor, you can modify it later if necessary. The first term, you will already be completing the 2 required modules. This will get you started and give you a feel for the program. After looking over the information, please do not hesitate to come see the Graduate Advisor if you have questions.

How do I complete the 2 required portfolio modules?

The Grant Writing module will be completed in combination with a series of required workshops, coordinated by the Associate Chair Graduate in the first Fall semester. The Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication module will be completed in combination with a series of required workshops led by an instructor from the Library in the first Fall semester. Information for both modules will be given by the Graduate Advisor. Both modules are five weeks long.

How do I choose the elective module(s)?

You should choose modules that best reflect your personal and professional goals. Think carefully about your strengths and weaknesses; what skills and attributes do you wish to develop that will help you be successful in your chosen career path(s)? If you are unsure which module(s) to choose, discuss your interests with your stream advisor and/or supervisor. You can also consult the resources available on the FGSR Professional Development page, which has lots of useful information and activities to help guide your choices.

Who can be my mentor for the elective module(s)?

Your mentor can be any faculty member willing to guide you through your choice of module, advise as needed and confirm its completion. You can have the same mentor for each elective module, or choose to work with different mentors, depending on your needs.

What is the role of my mentor?

For elective modules, your mentor is your guide. You may have the same mentor for these elective modules, or a different one for each, depending on your interests. Your mentor approves your elective module choice and plan, is available for questions if you need advice during the tasks, and confirms that the module has been satisfactorily completed.

What is my timeline for completing the portfolio?

Once you have decided which module(s) to pursue, you must complete the Anticipated Portfolio Plan and Timeline. This form must be discussed with and signed by the stream advisor and submitted to the Graduate Advisor by December 1st of your first Fall semester. Please keep in mind that some of the modules will require planning and forethought; others can be completed more quickly. Please plan accordingly.

What if I want to do something that is not listed?

The portfolio should align with your career goals and help you build the skills and competencies needed to be competitive on the job market in a variety of sectors. We are continually developing the portfolio components to meet student needs. If you have an idea for a portfolio module not listed here, please discuss your idea with your stream advisor and the Associate Chair Graduate.

What if I want to do more than the allotted portfolio modules?

If you are pursuing an MA-thesis or a PhD you may register for MLCS 796 under consultation with your stream advisor and after receiving approval of your thesis supervisor and the Associate Chair Graduate. The additional modules must not affect your time to degree and can only be pursued if you are in good standing. Please complete the Additional Portfolio Module Request.