Irish courses

Irish courses



The Irish language is being studied in universities and communities all over the world, and is one of Europe's oldest languages. The Irish courses in MLCS are supported by the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF), and offer you the opportunity to discover the ancient Celtic linguistic and cultural roots of Ireland, while at the same time getting to know the modern world of Irish speakers and the progressive "new Ireland" of today.

Courses offered:

Irish Language I (MLCS 199) - Fall term
Irish Language II (MLCS 199) - Winter term
Irish Culture (MLCS 199) - Winter term

Check them out under MLCS 199 on Bear Tracks.

Students of Irish Language I & II will have the opportunity to apply for one of three ICUF scholarships to attend a three-week immersive Irish language course in an Cheathrú Rua, County Galway. More info here:

Check out the Irish Culture blog where students have been sharing their experience of getting to grips with the many interesting aspects of Irish culture: