Reporting and Expectations

During the Internship

Engage North is committed to supporting interns in all the ways they need to facilitate a successful internship. The Engage North coordinator will check-in with the interns regularly to ensure that the internship is going smoothly and interns are having a good experience. Interns will have access to the Engage North Coordinator during regular office hours for any form of communication, including phone, Skype, FaceTime, texting or other predetermined means. In case of emergency, there will always be an emergency contact available at any time of day. If the Engage North Coordinator is unavailable, another University of Alberta representative (typically another Engage North staff member) will be assigned as the emergency contact and interns will be notified.

To further support the intern, a visit by the Engage North Coordinator or other staff member will be arranged during the summer to each host community.

The Engage North internship program commits to providing any necessary support to interns while they are in their communities. This includes accommodating any existing disabilities, medical conditions or other concerns requiring specialized support.

After the Internship

Sharing the internship experience is a large part of Engage North's mission to facilitate a prosperous relationship between the North and the South. Interns are encouraged to share pictures, status updates, videos and other forms of media to show how their work is affecting the communities they are invited to. While working for Engage North, interns commit to:

  1. Completing a bi-weekly blog. Blogs should be started the first week of training and continued with additional posts throughout the summer.
  2. Filling out a short personal journal entry every night. This journal will be for personal reflection only, but is helpful in processing the intense feelings and experiences that may arise during the internship.
  3. Providing photos to Engage North so that they may post them to the Engage North website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. At the end of the summer, interns are asked to provide an album of photos. Interns will be given credit for these photos. They may also be used on posters and for promotional material.
  4. Providing a final report at the end of the summer. This report should cover the topics below at a minimum, but you are free to write about anything that you deem important to your internship experience. This report will be due in the second week of September after the internship has ended.
    1. What you did during the summer - position, activities, travel with communities?
    2. What you spent your project money on?
    3. What was most useful in terms of training, what other training you believe would be useful?
    4. What other projects you believe might be useful in the community?
    5. What you learned this summer?
    6. How you think this experience changed you or your career path?
  5. Attending the debriefing period at the end of August, and meet with the program coordinator to discuss your report in mid-September.
  6. Continuing activity with Engage North by being a mentor for future interns, helping with community student tours and helping to plan future projects.