Get Involved: NP quality improvement and Research in Practice


The Faculty of Nursing’s philosophical approach to graduate education is one of connection - connecting students to each other, to faculty and research, and to the process of inquiry. It is our hope that you as front-line clinicians also are connected to us throughout this process. Our programs depend on clinical partners for up-to-date clinical information and experience, for placements for students throughout our degree programs, and for support during the capstone and thesis process as external evaluators and consultants. 

Frequently there is research ongoing at a clinical site which could benefit from student engagement. A small portion of the research might be available for study by the student, or perhaps there is an ongoing project which could use additional data analysis or literature review. Connecting NP students with these projects is beneficial for their learning, and also provides essential human resources to support clinical research.

Our faculty team also benefits from ideas submitted for student consideration. Students with experience in a particular clinical area may need meaningful and practical ideas to drive capstone and thesis work forward. Any clinical area can submit a clinical question to our graduate team so that connections can be made between students and front-line opportunities for engagement.

Do you have a topic of inquiry that would benefit your clinical area? 

As we achieve greater integration between clinical practice and research, identifying pertinent research questions is critical. It is often those clinicians working actively in clinical settings who see the gaps in our system and processes. The Faculty of Nursing wants to support the research process to ensure the right clinical questions are being identified. Research should be meaningful and effective in improving care - the true outcome of healthcare-focused inquiry.

The office of Research in the Faculty of Nursing aims to connect students and researchers with front-line healthcare professionals, to ensure our research is grounded in the reality of clinical practice. If you have a suggestion for a research question which would improve your practice, please contact to submit the question to our Faculty of Nursing Office of Graduate Studies. Ideas will be added to a spreadsheet of possible questions for incoming students to consider for their capstone or thesis research. A coordinator from the NP program will confirm your submission with you and any next steps.