NP Student Research Resources


Students in the MN-NP program at the Faculty of Nursing must complete either a thesis or a capstone project to close their Masters studies. The project timelines are outlined in guidelines from the FoN Graduate Office, and additional support is found throughout the Masters level Community of Inquiry (COI) courses, NURS 589, 590 and 591. NP students, uniquely, have a heavy credit load during their Masters program, and do not have some important knowledge synthesis foundational courses included in their program requirements. This may leave some students uncertain about the process of literature review or knowledge synthesis, impairing their early progression on their projects.

The Graduate Office has worked with faculty members to develop some professional development resources to support students in their literature review and knowledge synthesis processes. Please see this module link for access to these supplementary learning resources.

Details on how to proceed with either a Capstone or Thesis project are available on the Faculty of Nursing website:

MN students may struggle at times with a topic for inquiry. Clinicians within our clinical partner organizations may have suggestions for clinical questions. Any submitted questions have been collated by the NP program coordinator and shared with the faculty teaching the Community of Inquiry courses. Please reach out to the coordinator or your COI instructors for more information.