Faculty and Staff Permits

Faculty and staff parking permits are subject to space availability. If you would like to purchase a parking permit, contact Parking Services to find out if there is space available in your desired car park or lot.

Purchasing Requirements

If you are a new faculty or staff member, or if its been more than one year since you had a UAlberta parking permit, you must present your vehicle registration and driver's licence to Parking Services. New faculty and staff members must also present confirmation of their employment at UAlberta.

Professor Emeritus Permits

Professor emeritus parking permits are handled separately from regular faculty and staff permits. Parking Services renews professor emeritus permits at the end of each calendar year (rather than in March); these permits are valid each year from January 1 to December 31. Parking Services sends permit holders a reminder letter for permit renewal each November.

To purchase your professor emeritus parking permit, visit Parking Services and present your driver’s licence and vehicle registration.

Department Guest Parking

Need to make special parking arrangements for a guest or event your department is hosting? Learn how Parking Services can help.