Peter Light

Dr Peter Light


BSc–Honours (Biological Sciences/Cell Physiology), University of Birmingham, UK, 1986
PhD (Biological Sciences/Cell Physiology), University of Birmingham, UK,1990

Teaching: PHARM367, PMCOL343, PMCOL371, PMCOL514*, DMED514


Research: Discover New Therapies For Heart Disease and Diabetes

Research Interests / Laboratory Techniques

Dr Light is an international leader in the field of cellular electrical activity. His research is focused on three primary areas:

1) Islet signaling and diabetes;

2) Islet engineering;

3) Cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury;

He is focused on understanding the relationship between dietary fats and insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes and has made important contributions to our current knowledge of how diet and genetic background may be linked to type 2 diabetes susceptibility.

Selected Recent Publications

Hamza SM, Sung MM, Gao F, Soltys CM, Smith NP, MacDonald PE, Light PE and Dyck JR. (2017) Chronic insulin infusion induces reversible glucose intolerance in lean rats yet ameliorates glucose intolerance in obese rats. Biochim Biophys Acta 1861(2):313-322. PMID: 27871838

Baczko I and Light PE. (2015) Resveratrol and derivatives for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Ann NY Acad Sci 1348(1):68-74. PMID: 26205342.

Fatehi M, Carter CR, Youssef N, Hunter BE, Holt A and Light PE. (2015) Molecular determinants of ATP-sensitive potassium channel MgATPase activity: diabetes risk variants and diazoxide sensitivity. Biosci Rep 35(4) pii: e00238. PMID: 26181369.

Sung MM, Zordoky BN, Bujak AL, Lally JS, Fung D, Young ME, Horman S, Miller EJ, Light PE, Kemp BE, Steinberg GR and Dyck, JR. (2015) AMPK deficiency in cardiac muscle results in dilated cardiomyopathy in the absence of changes in energy metabolism. Cardiovasc Res 107(2):235-45. PMID: 26023060.

Abdelmoneim AS, Eurich DT, Light PE, Senior PA, Seubert JM, Makowsky MJ and Simpson SH. (2015) The Cardiovascular Safety of Sulfonylureas: More than Forty Years of Continuous Controversy without an Answer. Diabetes Obes Metab 17(6):523-32. PMID: 25711240.

Yue JT, Abraham MA, Lapierre MP, Mighiu PI, Light PE, Filippi BM and Lam TK. (2015) A fatty acid-dependent hypothalamic-DVC neurocircuitry that regulates hepatic secretion of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins. Nat Commun 6:5970. PMID: 25580573.

Narang D, Kerr PM, Lunn SE, Beaudry R, Sigurdson J, Lalies MD, Hudson AL, Light PE, Holt A and Plane F. (2014) Modulation of Resistance Artery Tone by the Trace Amine beta-Phenylethylamine: Dual Indirect Sympathomimetic and alpha1-Adrenoceptor Blocking Actions. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 351 (1):164-171. PMID: 25118217.

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Baczko I, Liknes D, Yang W, Hamming KC, Searle G, Jaeger K, Husti Z, Juhasz V, Klausz G, Pap R, Saghy L, Varro A, Dolinsky V, Wang S, Rauniyar V, Hall D, Dyck JR, Light PE. (2013) Characterization of a novel multi-functional resveratrol derivative for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Br J Pharmacol 18:12409. PMID: 24102184.

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