Step I: Request to Apply (RTA)

Potential IF 2023 applicants must first submit an RTA form, which is reviewed by their Faculty and then the Office of the VPRI. Based on the quality of the RTA, potential applicants are either approved or not approved to move forward with a full IF 2023 proposal. See below for details on the RTA process.
Request to Apply procedure

RTA intake

The RTA form for the IF 2023 CFI intake is now CLOSED. Please contact for inquiries related to your IF 2023 RTA submission.

IF 2023 RTA

A sample of the full IF RTA document displaying the section by section instructions on how to complete the form is available through the link below. 

Sample RTA Form


All potential IF 2023 applicants must submit an RTA. The online RTA form collects the following information:

  • Faculty letter of support
  • Project details
  • Lead Institution
  • Collaborating or Leading Institution details (for UoA lead or non-UoA led projects, respectively)
  • Research or technology development summary
  • Relation to and alignment with existing research and infrastructure
  • Budget and quotes
  • Budget justification
  • Personnel requirements
  • Information about:
    • The research space and technical requirements of the requested infrastructure.
    • Advanced research computing needs
    • Project data management needs
    • Animal use needs
    • Technology transfer needs
    • EHS needs

RTA applicants are encouraged to complete as much of the RTA form as possible and to ensure that the research project is innovative and feasible and that the infrastructure is well-justified.

The RTA will be reviewed for feasibility by VPRI, Faculties, RSO, UofA Facilities and Operations (F&O), EHS (Environment Health and Safety), RMS (Risk Management Services), CAR (Committee on Animal Resources), TTS (Technology Transfer Services), IST (Information Systems and Technology), Library (Data Management), SMS (Supply Management Services).

If approved, the applicant will be recommended to develop and submit a full IF 2023 proposal.

Review Process

Information regarding the IF 2023 RTA review process will be provided soon.