Forms Cabinet

The following forms can now be submitted electronically by accessing science webforms

  • Statement of Major/Minor
  • Degree Assessment Request
  • Document Request
  • Non-standard Course Load Application

 Course WITHDRAWAL Form (for Science students)

All other forms can be printed off here and submitted to Student Services, 1-001 CCIS. 

FORMS (pdf)

Application for Degree - Submit the completed form to the Faculty of Science Student Services Office by September 1 for the Fall Convocation, or apply for your degree on Beartracks. 

Prerequisite Waiver - Fill out the form and obtain signatures from your instructor and the Chair of the Department that is offering the course. Submit the completed form to the Department offering the course. Approval is not automatic. If you need information regarding the instructor teaching the course, contact the Department. 

Transfer Programs - For students transferring into the Faculty of Science or students transferring to a different program within the Faculty of Science.