Deciding to apply for new roles in the U of A’s New Structure

12 August 2021

As the university continues transitioning to the new operating model, it’s understandable if you are thinking about where you will fit within the new structures. Within the six administrative workstreams, new structures are rolling out, bringing new opportunities for professional growth. As these new organizational structures are put in place, current structures are being phased out and positions eliminated. As such, over the past few weeks, we’ve heard more questions related to these transitions and how staff can figure out the positions that are coming available as a result of the new operating model, as well as those positions which may no longer exist in future.

In the new operating model, services and administrative activities, processes and functions that are common across the university will be either centralized or distributed according to the nature of their service function. Therefore, depending on your current role in a faculty or unit, your position may be impacted between now and when restructuring is completed in March 2022. Below is more information about these impacts:

  • We do not anticipate any dedicated HR or finance roles remaining in the faculties and units past March 2022 (barring any unforeseen exceptions).
  • With the exception of specialized IT research and education support, we do not anticipate any full-time IT roles remaining in the faculties and units past March 2022. 
  • When the ER structure is fully implemented, the majority of external engagement positions will only exist centrally within the new structure. The only exception is fund development roles, which will continue to be dual report and funded between the faculty and External Relations. 
  • Specialized roles related to student services will exist at the faculty, college and university level, although there will be fewer student services positions within faculties and units. The Student Service Centre will manage generalized or transaction-based inquiries. 
  • We expect significantly fewer full-time research administration roles remaining in the faculties and units past March 2022, but work is still in progress to finalize the structure.
  • Details for several of the functional areas within the stand-alone faculties have yet to be confirmed.

If you have questions about your current role and whether it will transition into new organizational structures, it’s important to talk with your supervisor for further clarity and guidance.

Here are a few important tips to help you find your fit or next opportunity as part of the restructuring efforts:

Check with your supervisor about timelines

As services transition to central structures between now and March 2022, managers are responsible for reviewing remaining workloads and redistributing work as well as deciding which positions in the faculty/unit will come to an end and when they will end. Supervisors will then consider the options within the applicable employee agreement, and layoff provisions may apply if you have not already found a position within the new structure.

We encourage you to speak with your supervisor about applying for a new position. Review the org charts for the new structures, note the positions you might be interested in, and reach out to the individuals in those areas to learn more about them. It’s best to apply to all suitable positions that you’re interested in.

In advance of potential impacts to your role, please consider applying for new roles by reviewing the Positions Opportunities Page (POP) and Careers website.

Plan to apply

Through these transitions, the university is committed to retaining as many of our talented staff members as possible. For new roles that are substantially similar to an existing role, positions may be transferred, although you may report to a different unit and supervisor. Transfers will be implemented according to the relevant employee agreement.

For new roles that do not exist today, or roles that are changing significantly from what they were before, positions will first be advertised through expressions of interest (for NASA positions) and/or open postings if required, with preference given to internal candidates. We will post externally only when necessary.

Please apply for any and all positions that you are interested in. If your current role in a faculty or unit primarily involves HR, finance, IT, or external engagement related activities, it is likely that your role will be impacted between now and March 2022; there will also be significantly fewer student services and research administration positions within faculties and units.

If you’re still unsure about how your current role will be impacted, please talk with your supervisor.

Don’t wait

It is important to be aware that your position may be eliminated as new positions in the structure begin to be implemented. To be considered for a new role, you must apply when the position is posted on the Careers website.

Upcoming positions are being shared as plans for each area take shape. The majority of roles in HR, finance, IT, student services and external engagement have been identified in the new structures. Research administration roles will follow in the coming weeks as the stream proceeds through the SET process.

As planning unfolds, positions will continue to be posted. Leadership positions are posted first so that they in turn can hire their teams of staff members. All available positions related to restructuring will be posted to the POP and then the Careers site; unfortunately, it’s not possible to foresee every future position and post them all at once. 

Get started

To start planning ahead, review the future opportunities on the POP; please remember that POP only provides the upcoming opportunities created as a result of SET restructuring. The Careers website is the place to watch for all opportunities you can apply for.

If you are looking for advice on refreshing your resume, we recorded two recent workshops to help you update your resume and improve your interview skills. If you’re not familiar with the LearnCentre, please visit Access LearnCentre before registering using the catalogue links.

We recognize that job-related changes can be especially stressful. If you need some extra support, please take advantage of the resources available through the university and reach out for help if you need it. More information is available on the Wellbeing Through Change website (which is also linked on the UAT homepage).



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