AP Students

We Love AP Students

We recognize your achievements in taking an academically rigorous program, and we want to see you continue your studies here at the University of Alberta.

You'll love it here

As a top-tiered, research-based institution, we provide the kind of academically focused environment in which AP students can thrive. From undergraduate research opportunities, to honors and certificate programs, to co-ops and internships, you can pursue your academic interests and discover a new passion here!

How we recognize AP students

Advanced Standing (transfer credit)
If you achieve a final AP grade of 4 or higher, you can receive advanced standing and bypass certain courses.
AP equivalents - university courses
Find out what AP courses you can get transfer credit for.

AP equivalents - high school courses
Find out the AP equivalent of Alberta high school courses.

Dual-Admission Advantage

If you are completing AP exams in conjunction with your high school curriculum, we will use the higher of either your AP score or high school grade for admission. For example, if you present both AP English and English 30-1, we will use the higher of the two English grades when calculating your admission average required for your program. You are not at a disadvantage for choosing to write an AP exam!

Out-of-province students
See the AP equivalency chart for more information on which AP high school courses from your province may be used on your application for admission.

AP Grade Conversion Scale

To calculate your admissions average using AP results, we will convert your scores into percentages:

AP Result

Percent Equivalent

5 96%
4 86%
3 76%
2 65%
1 Not accepted for admission