Brent Swallow, PhD, MSc, B.S.A.


Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

About Me

Job/Research Area

Environment and Development Economist


  • University of Alberta. Faculty of ALES, International Engagement Award, 2017
  • University of Alberta, Business Cooperative Education, Mentor of the Year, 2017 
  • University of Alberta Graduate Student Association, Outstanding Supervisor Award, 2014
  • World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. Distinguished ICRAF Associate, 2009.
  • International Water Resources Association (IWRA) award for Best Paper published in the IWRA journal,Water International, 2006.
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) award for Best Paper presented at the 2008 biannual meeting 
  • Zayed International Prize for the Environment, 2005. Awarded to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (contributing author).


  • Trustee, Bioversity International, Rome, Italy, 2013-present.
  • Advisory Committee Member, Water, Land and Ecosystems Research Program, Columbo, Sri Lanka, 2017-present.
  • Edmonton Food Council, 2013-2016.
  • Chair, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, 2009-2014.


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

  • Climate change mitigation in agriculture and forestry
  • Rural poverty and economic development
  • Water and watershed management
  • Market-based instruments for environmental management
  • Land tenure and property rights
  • Economics of land use
  • Food deserts and local food economy


AREC 173, Plate, Planet and Society, Since 2009.  This course incorporates a CommunityServices-Learning component which allows students to fulfill course objectives while gaining volunteer experience with food-related NGOs in the Edmonton region.

AREC 375 / INTD 303. Economics of World Food and Agriculture, Since 2013.  

ENCS 473.  Environmental Policy, Since 2016.