Heather Bruce


Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science

About Me


Ph.D., Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta

Job/Research Area 

Carcass and Meat Science 


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests 

Research in the Carcass and Meat Science specialization will focus on the ante- and post-mortem factors that affect carcass yield/grade and meat quality. Specific research investigations will include examination of the effects of nutrition, genetics and management on carcass yield, muscle colour, and resulting meat toughness and sensory acceptability; determination of collagen cross-linking and how they affect meat toughness; and prediction of meat toughness and quality using non-invasive technology. The objective of the Carcass and Meat Science research program is to provide answers to concerns faced by the Canadian meat industry through basic as well as strategic research. The complementary teaching program is designed to provide the meat industry as well as the global meat research community with trained, highly qualified personnel. Dr. Bruce welcomes inquiries from students with strong academic and communication skills and training in animal, food, veterinary or biochemical science.