Experience the real Mexico with Dr. Sven Anders

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07 December 2018

Do you know?

Avocado oil is good for you

Mango-eating contests are real

Genetic biodiversity is key to food security

Canada imports a lot of berries

Experience the real Mexico with Dr. Sven Anders, agricultural economist and professor in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology.

Experience life in Mexico

This co-curricular tour customized to your academic program and interests will give you the opportunity to explore the themes of agriculture, food, environment, food culture and social life in Mexico. We will travel to Guadalajara and throughout the state of Jalisco to experience farms, food processors and retail businesses, plus many places of heritage, social life and Mexican food culture.

From the classroom to the street

The tour offers opportunities to connect your classroom knowledge to real-world issues and the people engaged in them, adding international context significant to Alberta and Canada. Site visits and time for discussion will give you a chance to identify and better understand the complexities and challenges of managing agriculture and food businesses in a rapidly changing environment and social conditions very different from Canadian standards.

Tour highlights

National Center of Genetic Resources for the preservation of genetic biodiversity. Let's talk about the challenge of losing species, habitats and what that means for our future food security.

Pick your own raspberries and blueberries while learning about Mexican berry and fruit production and exports to Canada.

Where do all the avocados come from? Visit avocado orchards, a top-notch packaging facility and learn why avocado oil is really good for you.

Experience Mexican tropical fruits production and trade. How about a mango-eating competition on the grounds of Guadalajara's food wholesale market?

Date: April 26-May 04, 2019
Approximately $2,900 all inclusive (airfare, accommodation, ground transportation in Mexico, meals, beverages, snacks, water). ALES students will additionally be eligible for the Scotiabank Grant up to $1000 to fund the trip. This price includes airfare, accommodation, meals and drinks, and ground transportation in Mexico.

Learn more: Sven.Anders@ualberta.ca


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