Celebrating Staff: Allie Dunlop

Allie Dunlop is a department teaching lab coordinator with Renewable Resources. Learn a bit more about Allie and her role inside and outside the lab.

Tia Lalani - 4 October 2022

Allie Dunlop works inside our lab spaces, outside during our field schools and everywhere in between! An alumna of the ALES environmental and conservation sciences program, Allie is now back helping current students enjoy the same experiences that she did when she was a student. 

Learn a bit more about the life of a teaching lab coordinator, about the Department of Renewable Resources and about Allie herself below!

A photo of Allie in a green sweater and toque in front of a rocky shore.What is your job title and area?

Department teaching lab coordinator with the Department of Renewable Resources.

How long have you worked for the Faculty of ALES?

I've been working for the Faculty of ALES since August 2019. 

What is a typical day on campus like for you?

I'm typically seen running between the Earth Sciences Building helping with soils labs and the General Services Building helping with plant or wildlife labs. I also oversee the departmental autoclave, soil grinder and field equipment.

What's the most common question people ask you about your job?

"You're everywhere. What other classes do you help out with?"

Favourite memory from work?

My favourite memory from work would have to be helping out with the numerous field schools I assist with. I graduated with a bachelor of sciences in environmental & conservation sciences in 2012 here in the Faculty of ALES at the University of Alberta. During my time on campus, I had a great time at field school learning a lot of practical skills, meeting new friends and also meeting my spouse. ALES is like my second home. Every time I work at any field school, feelings of nostalgia come rushing back to me and I hope I can help that be a good experience for a current student as well. 

Favourite thing about working at the Faculty of ALES?

We have the best students. I truly believe this. We have a diverse group of students with amazing personalities who work hard. It makes my job very fulfilling to help out such a great group of students.