Program and Tuition Fees

Course registration and tuition fees:
When going on a Work Experience term, students are enrolled in a Work Experience (WKEXP) course. Tuition and non-instructional fees will be assigned for each 4 month work term (WKEXP 801, 802, 803, 804). Work Experience course registration is mandatory once you secure a work term. Please refer to the Cooperative Education (Work Experience Route) complete calendar entry for more details.

WKEXP Courses:

  • Registration in WKEXP courses maintains your full-time student status
  • Course registration is completed by your Work Experience Coordinator once you have received an offer letter of employment and accepted a work experience position.
  • It is you responsibility to ensure you follow the tuition and fee schedule outlined by the University of Alberta Registrar's Office.
  • Each course is a credit/non-credit course. There is no credit weight associated with the work experience course, and therefore the work experience course will not count towards your total *120 required for your degree. Upon completing your work term, you will receive a CR on your transcript as well as your work term location.
  • It might be possible to opt-in or opt-out of certain non-instructional fees depending on your eligibility.

For every 4-months of Work Experience you will be registered in a new Work Experience course.

  • 4 months: WKEXP 801
  • 8 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802
  • 12 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802, WKEXP 803
  • 16 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802, WKEXP 803, WKEXP 804
See more information in the AWE Student Handbook.

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