Program and Tuition Fees

There are two sets of fees associated with AWE:

AWE Program and Career Education Fee - $200*:
This fee is payable once you have been accepted to AWE. This fee can be paid online in campusBRIDGE or in person at the HUB Career Centre (8917 HUB Mall) by cash or cheque. Once you have paid your Program and Career Education Fee you will be given access to pre-employment career education, and you can begin reviewing and applying for job opportunities. This fee is non refundable and you can access the career education associated with AWE for the entire duration in the program.

*Program and Career Education fees may vary by discipline, please contact AWE Staff for more information.

Course registration and tuition fees:
When going on a Work Experience term, students are enrolled in a Work Experience (WKEXP) course. Tuition and non-instructional fees will be assigned for each 4 month work term (WKEXP 801, 802, 803, 804). Work Experience course registration is mandatory once you secure a work term. Please refer to the Cooperative Education (Work Experience Route) complete calendar entry for more details.

WKEXP Courses:

  • Registration in WKEXP courses maintains your full-time student status
  • Course registration is completed by your Work Experience Coordinator once you have received an offer letter of employment and accepted a work experience position.
  • It is you responsibility to ensure you follow the tuition and fee schedule outlined by the University of Alberta Registrar's Office.
  • Each course is a credit/non-credit course. There is no credit weight associated with the work experience course, and therefore the work experience course will not count towards your total *120 required for your degree. Upon completing your work term, you will receive a CR on your transcript as well as your work term location.
  • It might be possible to opt-in or opt-out of certain non-instructional fees depending on your eligibility.

For every 4-months of Work Experience you will be registered in a new Work Experience course.

  • 4 months: WKEXP 801
  • 8 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802
  • 12 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802, WKEXP 803
  • 16 months: WKEXP 801, WKEXP 802, WKEXP 803, WKEXP 804
See more information in the AWE Student Handbook.

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