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Ian Blokland, PhD, MSc, BSc

Associate Professor/Physics

Augustana Campus


About Me

PhD, Physics, University of Alberta

MSc, Physics, University of Alberta

BSc (Honours), Physics, University of Calgary


I am a theoretical particle physicist; I do multiloop calculations in perturbative quantum field theory.  In a nutshell, the Standard Model of particle physics is a wonderful theory. In fact, it's a little too wonderful for some. In order to understand certain deep mysteries about the nature of matter, we need to see beyond the Standard Model. This can either be done by spending billions of dollars to build machines that smash particles together with ridiculously high energies or it can be done by looking very carefully at the data from more modest experiments (or, better yet, by doing a little bit of both). To see if the Standard Model successfully predicts the experimental data, very difficult calculations are required. That's where I come in.  My research uses an arsenal of conceptual, mathematical, and computer programming techniques to make testable predictions from the Standard Model.