About UAlberta's Augustana Campus


Shauna Wilton, PhD, MA, BA

Associate Professor/Political Studies

Augustana Campus

Social Sciences


Research Areas: Nationalism and the politics of Identity; Family Policy; Motherhood; Popular Culture; Scholarship of teaching; Canada, Sweden & Europe

Recent Publications:

Ross, L., & Wilton, S. (2016) Gendered roles, gendered jobs: Challenges facing parents with/in academia. Journal of Mother Studies. 1 (1). https://jourms.wordpress.com/issue-1-sept-2016/ 

Osborne, Geraint and Shauna Wilton. “Professing in the Local Press: Professors and Public Responsibilities” Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. (forthcoming).  

Wilton, Shauna. (In Press). “‘Our Home and Native Land’: Invocations of the land within political campaign materials.” in Landscapes and landmarks of Canada: real, imagined, (re) viewed, ed. Jane Koustas and Munroe Eagles. Waterloo, ON: WLUP. (Forthcoming Fall 2016) 

Wilton, Shauna. 2015. “A Very Useful Engine: The Politics of Thomas and Friends” in The Politics of Popular Culture: Negotiating Power, Identity, and Place ed. Tim Neiguth. MQUP.

Wilton, Shauna. 2012. “Bound from Head to Toe: The Sari as an Expression of Gendered National Identity.” Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. 12(1): 190-205. 


Teaching Areas: Gender and Politics; Culture and Politics; Ethnicity and Politics; Law and Politics, Comparative Politics

Courses taught:

AUIDS 100: The World in Progress: Introduction to Inquiry in the Social Sciences

AUIDS/CRI 160: Crime and Community

AUPOL 250: Introduction to Comparative Politics

AUPOL 329: Politics & Culture

AUPOL 350: European Politics

AUPOL/CRI 353: Law & Politics

AUPOL 355: Gender & Politics

AUPOL/CRI 453: Women and Law

AUPOL 455: Ethnicity and Politics