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Sing it loud, sing it long

Augustana professor Ardelle Ries shares how it's more than just fun to use your voice to make music, especially with others. It can also improve your health.

Why a local getaway could be the best gift this holiday season

From boosting homegrown businesses to encouraging healthy activity and sustainability, giving recreational experiences can benefit everyone.

The power of the pen

Literary historian Willow White studies how 18th-century women writers resisted colonialism and patriarchy

Do you really know what you think you know?

Philosopher Michael (Myke) Omoge studies knowledge certainty with an eye to science.

Exploring mysterious territories of the brain

Q+A with neuroscientist Ana Klahr that displays how she is working toward better treatments for female stroke patients.

Researcher aims to boost mental health support for Alberta farmers

Studies will identify the biggest pressure points in “one of the most stressful occupations there is.”

Award-winning student from Ukraine using U of A education to help his war-torn country

Far from home, Igor Klymenko has found a community of support to finish his work on a drone that can detect landmines.

“We need each other”: Ronning Centre interim director wants to learn from, connect with community

Get to know Joseph Wiebe, his vision for the next year and how community members are an important part of his vision.

Innovator Spotlight: Mi-Young Kim

Mi-Young's research delves into the influences of data bias and its impacts on all of us, now and in the future.

Project creates STEM learning experiences for Indigenous students

Programs at rural research station offer opportunities for K-12 learners to see themselves as tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Rural Frontiers

Communities around the globe are struggling to remain viable. How can we stop their decline?

Speaker series shares Indigenous knowledge with community

The Augustana Indigenous Speaker Series is one way the campus is working — with the support of the community — towards reconciliation.

Five ways Augustana students are preparing for the future

Discover some of the ways Augustana staff, faculty, students and community members have worked together over the past year to prepare for tomorrow.

Letter to the Community

Augustana's dean, Demetres Tryphonopoulos, shares updates and highlights from the past year to the community.

Get to know nationally recognized expert and Augustana professor, Lucas Crawford

Over the next five years, Lucas Crawford will work to broaden what transgender mental health means and looks like.

A shy Augustana first-year graduates as a student leader

Josiah Afriyie found a welcoming community at the U of A’s Augustana Campus that helped him go from a shy, isolated first-year student to a thriving volunteer and leader.

Augustana professor named Canada Research Chair in Transgender Creativity and Mental Health

Over the course of his Canada Research Chair, Lucas Crawford will work to broaden what transgender mental health means and looks like.

Turning personal experiences into opportunities for giving

Augustana staff member and alumnus, Rob Ford, discusses how funding something you’re passionate about can make a difference in the lives of students.

The 2022 Student Life Awards

For the first time in two years, the Augustana community came together in person to celebrate the Student Life Awards. Discover the nominees and recipients during the evening's celebrations.

Why an old idea could breathe new life into rural Alberta economies

Researcher Clark Banack says the business model of local co-operatives is still a natural fit for rural Alberta’s culture of self-reliance: “It’s a ‘new-old’ way of thinking about community development.”

Research aims to help women with Type 1 diabetes live longer, healthier lives

Diabetes researcher Jane Yardley is looking at how exercise affects post-menopausal females with Type 1 diabetes, with the goal of providing better guidelines to help them manage their health.

Why we should coexist with nature’s engineer

Environmental Science professor and beaver expert Glynnis Hood explains why humans and beavers should get along for the good of the natural environment.

Why women should lift weights

Augustana physical education professor Jane Yardley shares how weightlifting can be especially beneficial to the ongoing health of women.


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