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Drivers lose little time by slowing down, new app shows


Augustana researcher awarded “much money” to study “much marriage”

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Lessons my research has taught me: there’s nothing new about fake news

In this Expert Corner, professor of history Mélanie Méthot shares her experience of how our perceptions can become skewed by media, even when we make an effort to research.

Farewell to professor Lars Hallström

Professor Lars Hallström, who joined Augustana in 2009, will be pursuing a new opportunity at the University of Lethbridge's Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy.

Know Thyself

How an Augustana alumnus came to understand himself, and how he is helping others do the same.

Drivers lose little time by slowing down, new app shows

U of A students build ETA Tool to test how 40 km/h residential speed limit would affect commute times.

Augustana researcher awarded “much money” to study “much marriage”

Professor Mélanie Méthot’s project “Much Married: bigamy in Australia (1816-1950s)” was awarded a large Insight Grant through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada competition.

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Dr. Jonathan Mohr, 1952-2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of professor emeritus, Dr. Jonathan Mohr.

Vikes for Tykes keeps toy drive tradition alive by transitioning online

The Vikes for Tykes Toy Drive moves online in the wake of COVID-19 to help ensure children still get toys this holiday season.

U of A researchers create low-cost electrodes to help spark interest in chemistry

3-D printed kits with custom software will be donated to high-school labs in rural Alberta and Kenya.

Tips and tricks for home-based exercise

Augustana physical education professor Jane Yardley offers a few options for at-home physical activity to keep you moving during the pandemic.

Augustana grad creates literary journal for rural teens

At the U of A’s campus in Camrose, Amielle Christopherson found a place where she could apply her love of literature to help young writers get published.

Ask an Alumni Anything: Wassim Daoud ('08 BSc, '18 MBA)

Augustana alumnus Wassim Daoud gives advice on pursuing a career in business and tech, working for multinational conglomerates and much more.

Professor Neil Haave receives annual teaching award

Congratulations to Augustana biology professor Neil Haave, who recently received the 2020 Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE) Excellence in Teaching Award.

How a U of A grad helps businesses harness the power of AI

Stephanie Husby’s students may be learning about machines, but making a human connection is at the heart of every lesson she leads.

Eddie Van Halen wasn’t just a rock and roll icon, but a tasteful composer and musician

Augustana music professor Alexander Carpenter looks back at Eddie Van Halen’s impressive musical career, citing not only his showmanship but his intricately constructed guitar playing.

Augustana professor Glen Hvenegaard receives 2020 Killam Annual Professorship

Congratulations to Professor Glen Hvenegaard on being awarded a 2020 Killam Annual Professorship! These awards are given each year to outstanding academics at the University of Alberta in recognition of their distinguished scholarship.

U of A lab technician creates 3-D printed protective wear for health workers

From “Viking Ear Savers” to face shields and goggles, David King has been busy helping protect people during the pandemic—and contributing to community causes.

From the President’s Desk: Announcement on the Winter 2021 Semester

President Flanagan shares plans for Winter 2021 to provide students, instructors, and university planners the certainties they need to prepare courses and campuses for the winter semester.

To create a sustainable world, we must first look locally

Berta Briggs received the 2019 Alumni Citation Award for deepening Augustana Campus’ commitment to sustainability through the Sustainable Food Endowment. The Alumni Citation Award recognizes the contributions of a non-alumnus/a to the life of Augustana.

Congratulations to Professor Hallstrom for his appointment to the Kule Institute for Advanced Study's 2020-2023 cohort

Professor Hallstrom was appointed to the cohort which will look at "Climate Resilience in the 21st Century" over the next three years.

The little school on the edge of Camrose

Augustana’s 2004 Board of Regents, who helped make the campus’ merger with the University of Alberta possible, was awarded with the 2019 Lois Aspenes Award. The Lois Aspenes Award recognizes the contributions of an alumnus/a to the life of Augustana.

“The chemistry of life”: Augustana chemistry professor on remote learning in Fall 2020

Professor Brian Rempel and lab coordinator Magrieta Snyman adapted their organic chemistry course to be delivered remotely this Fall. Hear about their plans and advice to incoming students.

Ask an Alumni Anything: Jamie Grunwald ('19 BSc)

Augustana alumna Jamie Grunwald gives advice on making the most of your time at Augustana, tailoring your degree to your interests and anything medical school-related.

Augustana undergoes various organizational and infrastructure changes

These changes have moved more services onto campus and have reorganized various offices in an effort to better serve our students.

Augustana responds to the needs of students with curricular changes and program innovation

Augustana will be offering three new interdisciplinary programs in the Fall of 2020. These programs combine traditional disciplines—like our Creativity and Culture program which blends English, visual art, drama and music—to allow students more flexibility in pursuing their interests.

Was Beethoven Black?

Augustana music professor Alexander Carpenter analyzes the claim that Beethoven was Black, what it means to the current Black Lives Matter Movement and the impact it has on real Black classical music composers.

Augustana 2020 Mark Chytracek Leadership Award recipient looks forward to a future in rural medicine

Mary Cairns graduated with a degree in biology and a major leadership award in June, but it was the courses outside of her discipline and the extracurricular activities she pursued that she credits for helping her get into medical school.

Guest lecturers and online archives: Augustana history professor on remote learning in Fall 2020

Hear from professor Mélanie Methot on how she’s adapted her history courses to be successful online.

Does music matter in the age of COVID?

Augustana music professor Ardelle Ries sees making and listening to music as vital for health, wellness and even the human soul...especially during a pandemic that has brought concerts, festivals and choirs to an abrupt halt.

Augustana researcher awarded national grant to look at the role beavers play in flood events

Beavers and the dams they build are often believed responsible for flooding events. Professor Glynnis Hood’s new Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada funded research project will build a model to test the claim that beaver habitats lead to flooding.

For the Team

Augustana alumnus and donor Darryl Schultz believes our achievements are not done alone—they are the result of a team effort.

Behind the Bicycle

The distance Marion Wandio has travelled—on a bike and through life—has been great. Now, it’s the distance she is helping students travel that proves the greatest.

Augustana and Vikings hockey alumni association sign agreement to save hockey program

The University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus and the Augustana Vikings Hockey Alumni Association, after months of collaboration, are excited to announce that they have reached an agreement to ensure the continuation of the hockey program at Augustana—but the work is far from finished.

Ask an Alumni Anything: Jackie de Montarnal ('11 BA)

Augustana alumna Jackie de Montarnal gives advice on how we can be decisive and improve ourselves, even when it’s hard to commit to a path.

The Function of Shame in Literature

University of Alberta Augustana instructor Marina Endicott on the forced schooling of Indigenous Canadians and other racist acts of "white benevolence" through the lens of writing her newest novel.

#DearClassof2020 video message

Augustana Campus staff, faculty, alumni and community members share their best wishes and congratulations with the Class of 2020.

2020 Convocation Spotlight: Candice Huculiak, Carson Hvenegaard, Hannah Semenyna and Sydney Thackeray

Congratulations to our 2020 Augustana Medal Winners! Candice, Carson, Hannah and Sydney have each won medals in their respective disciplines for outstanding academic achievement. Learn a bit more about them here!

2020 Convocation Spotlight: Mary Cairns, Curtis Skip and Alexandra Brigley

What do a biology student, a Vikings hockey player and a member of the Augustana Choir all have in common? They all want to share how much connections with their professors-in music, history, philosophy, biology and more-meant to them, and their degree.

2020 Convocation Spotlight: Emily Peterson, David Salmon and Karen Wagner

We have so many amazing graduates to celebrate this Friday at the University of Alberta's first-ever Virtual Convocation! Here are just a few of those students, along with some thoughts on their time spent at Augustana.

Augustana instructor Marina Endicott receives City of Edmonton Book Prize

Congratulations to Marina Endicott, who has just received The Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize for her newest novel, The Difference. The novel takes readers through a journey set aboard the Morning Light, a Nova Scotian merchant ship sailing through the south pacific in 1912. It follows Kay and Thea, half-sisters who are separated …

“I just wanted to help”: Augustana lab technician uses 3D printer to print personal protective equipment

David King took his passion for helping Augustana Campus into the community by printing PPE for frontline healthcare workers at the University of Alberta hospital when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

COMMENTARY || Don't feed the bears! How parks get visitors to protect nature

Interpretive programs can improve visitors' attitudes about nature-friendly behaviour, but longer-term effects less certain, say U of A researchers.

How to live from a place of hope

Hope is a fleeting concept for many and can seem even more so when faced with a pandemic. UAlberta professor emeritus, registered psychologist and founding member of the Hope Foundation of Alberta Ronna Jevne examines hope and what it means to find it.

Ask an Alumni Anything with Kristen Cumming ('09 BA)

Augustana alumna Kristen Cumming, 09 BA, provides valuable career advice in our first ever Ask an Alumni Anything.

Understanding the appeal of conspiracy theories

Recognizing the factors that lead to a willingness to believe in conspiracy theories-including fear, uncertainty and mistrust-can help us deal with misinformation and how it spreads, says Augustana professor.

We can't stress the importance of social connection enough, says Augustana sociology professor

The detrimental effects of loneliness and isolation have been studied by sociologists and societies long before COVID-19. But now, more than ever, it's important to stay connected.

Deena Hinshaw: The making of an unlikely folk hero

"My undergraduate studies [at Augustana] gave me the technical foundation I needed for medical school, as well as a cross-disciplinary experience that taught me to think about issues from many perspectives and use different approaches to problem-solving," says Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw.

Teacher of the term: Kim Misfeldt

Professor Misfeldt is vice dean at Augustana, teaches language, culture and literature classes and was recently awarded the University of Alberta's prestigious Vargo Teaching Chair. Spend a few minutes learning more about her and her classroom.

Professor Janet Wesselius recipient of Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Congratulations to Janet Wesselius, one of this year's recipients for the University of Alberta's premier teaching award, the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching! The purpose of the Rutherford Award is to recognize teaching excellence publically, to publicize such excellence to the wide University community, to encourage the pursuit of such excellence and to …

Five tips on how to evaluate information during a pandemic

U of A Augustana public services librarian Kara Blizzard offers tips on how to sift through the overwhelming amount of information related to COVID-19.

How much is a zombie apocalypse like a pandemic?

Augustana musicologist and cultural historian Alexander Carpenter explores the ways in which the spread of COVID-19 have been likened to a zombie apocalypse, and how our reaction to the former has (fortunately) been more humanity, and less Hollywood.

Biomimicry can be used to decrease or prevent the impact of future outbreaks of viral diseases, says Augustana biology professor

Professor Tomislav Terzin reflects on the anatomy of a virus and how we can use biomimicry to learn from living nature and apply the best solutions to human society to prevent or lessen the spread of future disease.

Closure of the Augustana Fitness Centre

The Augustana Fitness Centre, currently located in the Camrose Recreation Centre, has been permanently closed as a joint use facility for both Augustana and the Camrose public.

Mark and Hutch named UAlberta Wellness Champions

Congratulations to Mark Fulton and Hutch the Library Dog who have just been named 2020 Wellness Champions at the University of Alberta! The Wellness Champions initiative recognizes and celebrates people (and dogs) on campus who are incorporating wellness into what they do, and who they are, and are making an impact on those around them …

Celebrating the 2020 Augustana Student Life Award winners

Congratulations to the students and staff from across the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus who have been recognized for their contribution to student life on campus: in leadership, academics and athletics.

We have learned valuable lessons from historical epidemics and pandemics, says Augustana history professor

Looking back at various pandemics and epidemics throughout human history-from the Plague of Athens to smallpox-allow us a better understanding of why people don't always act logically or altruistically during times of disease, says U of A Augustana history professor Daniel Sims.

Augustana alumna wins poster competition at Alberta Parks Forum

Congratulations to alumna Julie Ostrem (BSc '19) who recently presented a poster at the 2020 Alberta Parks Forum and won first place in the student poster competition! Julie presented on interagency collaboration in the Beaver Hills Biosphere and worked with Augustana professor Glen Hvenegaard and professor Elizabeth Halpenny from the faculty of kinesiology and sport Recreation. …

Augustana grading regulations revised for Winter 2020 semester

On March 20, 2020 a number of changes were made to the University of Alberta's normal academic practices in order to set our students up for continued academic success in the wake of this global pandemic. These changes were made to ensure equity among all of our students and include moving to a credit (CR) …

Three Augustana students awarded outstanding communication award at Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

On March 11, the University of Alberta hosted the poster presentation portion of the annual Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, and three Augustana students were awarded for their outstanding communication on presenting a project they completed for an Augustana computing science course. Harshil Vyas, Jared Matson and Joseph Menezes worked to create an …

Augustana welcomes new University of Alberta president

President-elect Bill Flanagan will begin his new duties July 1, 2020, taking over from outgoing president David H. Turpin.

Supporting Augustana students during COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, some of you may be wondering how you can help out. Classes have moved online and students have been notified to move out of residence by March 24; students who do not have a place to go will have a place to stay within the UofA residence system. Students also remain …

U of A moves to online delivery of classes starting Tuesday, March 17

While classes will not be held in-person for remainder of winter term, all campuses will remain open with all services available.

Augustana Vikings women's volleyball team rides 16 match winning streak under award winning coach

Steve Enright recently received an Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Coach of the Year award after leading the team in a record-breaking season.

Augustana students blaze new trails in nearby Beaver Hills Biosphere land

Working with the Global Foundation, three Augustana students are busy identifying plant and animal species and infrastructure, as well as doing watershed analysis and map-making for the 760-acre site in order to help future hikers and volunteers as part of an environmental sciences senior seminar course.

Kobe Bryant's passion for self-improvement as a player extended into his personal life as well, says Augustana basketball coach

Dave Drabiuk reflects on Bryant's complicated history which includes an intense work ethic, independence over sportsmanship, and a sexual assault charge but concludes that Bryant sought after self-improvement and becoming a good role model for his daughters in his personal life.

Augustana alumni Thomas Trombetta wins Top 30 Under 30

Augustana alumni Thomas Trombetta, '16 BA, is one of this year's Top 30 Under 30, as recognized by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation.

Thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Augustana history professor Petr Mirejovsky on the fall of the Berlin Wall, and what that history can teach us today.

New exhibit looks at structural colouration in nature, and how it can be applied to human technologies

The Living Colours exhibit at the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus Library allows you to discover structural colour, use microscopes to experience how it works in nature and learn about how the phenomena can be used practically in science, art and design.

Community Service-Learning placements allow students to connect with and impact the Camrose community

By Melissa Wilk The impacts of Community Service-Learning (CSL) students are far-reaching, in the words of the Camrose Women's Shelter's Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Page. "Not only are students bringing in new ideas and new strategies to enrich lives, but they are also bringing in their enthusiasm and contributing to a great cause in assisting others …

Remembering Coach Joe Voytechek

Our deepest condolences to the Voytechek family and Vikings Hockey Alumni on the passing of beloved Vikings Hockey Coach Emeritus, Joe Voytechek.

Dr. Boyd enjoys giving back to the community

Augustana alumnae Dr. Charley Boyd reflects on her time spent at Augustana and Camrose, and the decisions that led her back to work as a family physician to the town where she started her journey into medicine.

Every Child Can Workshop

The Augustana Conservatory of Music is excited to be hosting a Suzuki Every Child Can Workshop. The Suzuki method of music education was developed more than 50 years ago by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki realized that children a world over learn to speak their native language with ease by hearing, imitating and repeating. He …

Holiday jingle "Baby it's cold outside" needs context before cancellation, says Augustana music professor

The popular holiday song has come under fire recently for being offensive and sexually exploitative but those claims become largely unfounded once history and musicology are brought into the conversation, says musicologist Alexander Carpenter.


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