Farewell to professor Lars Hallström

Professor Lars Hallström, who joined Augustana in 2009, will be pursuing a new opportunity at the University of Lethbridge's Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy.

23 December 2020

Many congratulations go out to professor Lars Hallström—who joined Augustana in 2009 and has since held the position of director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities—as he begins a new position as director of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy at the University of Lethbridge in January.

Professor Hallström will continue the excellent work that he was able to do for the ACSRC, and by extension Augustana and the Camrose and surrounding communities, at the Prentice Institute as another multi-disciplinary, cross-faculty institute which he says “aligns with some of the different areas where my work has fallen...including environmental health and social policy, questions of equity, social determinants of health, urban and rural economic development, youth and youth engagement and access to public health infrastructure” (U of L appoints new director to the Prentice Institute). Professor Hallström has also been instrumental in garnering feedback and measuring the effect and success of Augustana’s 3-11 calendar.

Augustana is grateful for all of the contributions that professor Hallström has made to our campus and wishes him great success in his new role.