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Should I stay or should I go?


Voices rarely heard


A better balance

A digital illustration of a person standing on a mountain top, looking off into  the distance.

Should I stay or should I go?

A digital illustration of a person in an orange jumpsuit standing in a prison yard, staring at an orange sunset, a mountain range and a flock of flying birds beyond a wire prison fence. Along the left side of the fence is a watch tower, and in the sky above the person is a speech bubble in the shape of a cloud.

Voices rarely heard

A man with short, light-coloured hair leaning on a fence post in a wetlands area, wearing a plaid button down and zip-up work coat while looking off to the side.

A better balance

Knee-down shot of someone in hockey equipment standing on the ice while holding a stick, and a puck resting near the stick's blade.

How to train like an Oiler

A red dress hanging from a tree and blowing in the wind.

Missing and murdered: The role of colonialism

James Mayer smiling at the camera while sitting off on the right side of Founders' Hall.

James Mayer named 2023 Lois Aspenes Award recipient


AI could make studying birds easier

Side shot of Dean Demetres Tryphonopoulos sitting in a chair in the Augustana Forum building and smiling.

Sustaining and building a better Augustana

Photo of a stage with a podium in the foreground and a large screen with the words "Augustana Student Life Awards" on it.

The 2023 Student Life Awards

Garry Gibson and Doc Larson leaning against a tree in a wooded area while wearing outdoors clothing.

Gib's Tree

3/4 profile photo of Fowzia Huda. Fowzia has short-cropped dark hair and is wearing a burnt orange corduroy button down left unbutton overtop a white shirt.

It helps to be outgoing

Photo of Mi-Young Kim wearing a black turtleneck as she leans against a glass wall as she smiles at the camera, her reflection seen in the glass.

A human interest story

Digital illustration drawing of a group of nuns against a pastoral background.

The most famous abbey you've never heard of

Side profile view of Justin Tetrault standing in front of a screen in a classroom.

Getting the real story

A photo of Bill Andreassen standing in front of a courthouse, wearing glasses and a judge's gown while smiling at the camera.

Quiet confidence

Photo of Tammy Richard in a red scarf and glasses, hair pulled back, in a snowy backdrop as she smiles at the camera.

Seeing the good

Photo of Gordon Naylor sitting in front of a black backdrop. His hair is pulled back and he is wearing glasses. He smiles at the camera as he is holding two eagle feathers and a small, rectangular board with four ribbons on it. The ribbons are each a different colour and represent the colours: blue, white, red, yellow.

“I am my ancestors wildest dreams”

Group of people singing excitedly in a wide semi-circle in the Augustana Chapel.

Sing it loud, sing it long

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