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It helps to be outgoing


A human interest story


The most famous abbey you've never heard of

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3/4 profile photo of Fowzia Huda. Fowzia has short-cropped dark hair and is wearing a burnt orange corduroy button down left unbutton overtop a white shirt.

It helps to be outgoing

Photo of Mi-Young Kim wearing a black turtleneck as she leans against a glass wall as she smiles at the camera, her reflection seen in the glass.

A human interest story

Digital illustration drawing of a group of nuns against a pastoral background.

The most famous abbey you've never heard of

Side profile view of Justin Tetrault standing in front of a screen in a classroom.

Getting the real story

A photo of Bill Andreassen standing in front of a courthouse, wearing glasses and a judge's gown while smiling at the camera.

Quiet confidence

Photo of Tammy Richard in a red scarf and glasses, hair pulled back, in a snowy backdrop as she smiles at the camera.

Seeing the good

Photo of Gordon Naylor sitting in front of a black backdrop. His hair is pulled back and he is wearing glasses. He smiles at the camera as he is holding two eagle feathers and a small, rectangular board with four ribbons on it. The ribbons are each a different colour and represent the colours: blue, white, red, yellow.

“I am my ancestors wildest dreams”

Group of people singing excitedly in a wide semi-circle in the Augustana Chapel.

Sing it loud, sing it long

Photo of Willow White wearing a dark blue blouse and standing in front of rows of books.

The power of the pen

Photo of Michael Omoge in the front of a classroom smiling and gesturing to a blurred-out student in the foreground of the photo.

Do you really know what you think you know?

Photo of Clark Banack leaning against a tree and smiling at the camera.

Rural Frontiers

Side shot of Dean Demetres Tryphonopoulos sitting in a chair in the Augustana Forum building and smiling.

Letter to the Community

Back shot of a woman, with dark hair tied up, lifting weights.

Why women should lift weights

Photo of John Wiebe conducting an Augustana choir in the Faith & Life Chapel.

Community member supports reimagined music program

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