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Psychology meets poetry

Shelisa Klassen

The Heritage of Hidden History

Gianluca Vernillo

A Message of Movement


Convocation ‘24: Marc Parma, BA

Sydnee Dallyn

Convocation '24: Sydnee Dallyn, BSc

Emmanuella Loomis

Convocation ‘24: Emmanuella Loomis, BSc

Owen Lamb

Convocation ‘24: Owen Lamb, BMgt

Josie Zimmerman

Convocation '24: Josie Zimmerman, BSc

Korah Sanderson

Convocation ‘24: Korah Sanderson, BSc/BEd

A digital illustration of a person in an orange jumpsuit standing in a prison yard, staring at an orange sunset, a mountain range and a flock of flying birds beyond a wire prison fence. Along the left side of the fence is a watch tower, and in the sky above the person is a speech bubble in the shape of a cloud.

Voices rarely heard

A man with short, light-coloured hair leaning on a fence post in a wetlands area, wearing a plaid button down and zip-up work coat while looking off to the side.

A better balance

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