What is Visual Art?

In art history courses, students learn about the history of art and visual culture and think about how art is used in the present.

In the studio, students develop their own technical skills and learn how to analyze and communicate visually.

Visual Art at Augustana

Visual art students benefit from a hands-on approach to art that combines the study of history, theory, and practice. Students can choose to take courses in studio art or art history. Students are encouraged to integrate their historical and theoretical knowledge with their work in the studio.

Program Information

Visual Art at Augustana is available as a:

Academic Innovations

All programs at Augustana include a wide-ranging liberal arts Core, taught within our unique “3-11” calendar

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Our world is consuming art like never before! Meet the high demand with an undergraduate degree from Augustana in careers such as:

  • Architect
  • Graphic Designer
  • Museum or Gallery Curator
  • Photographer
  • and many more!

Visual Art AlumnA

A portrait of Randi Martin
Randi Martin

During her degree, Randi worked on a research project on learning with images in the 19th century, helped run Augustana’s annual art show, and served as the fine arts representative on faculty council. After graduation, she pursued an art therapy program.


100 - Art History and Visual Culture

This course introduces students to the study of art and visual culture. Students will learn how to analyze images and works of art while engaging with select examples of both historical and contemporary art and visual culture.


223 - Canadian Art

Survey of the visual arts in Canada, from the indigenous beginnings to the present, with emphasis on the twentieth century.


231 Drawing

An introductory course focused exclusively on the practice of drawing. Historical and contemporary techniques are used to explore a balance of directly observed, and photography-based subject matter.


281 - Sex, Gender, and Art

Why should we care about gender and sexuality when we look at art and other visual images? In this course, students will answer this question by studying feminist art history, as well as scholarship addressing LGBTQI identities and intersections between gender, sexuality and race.


371 - Contemporary Ideas in Painting

Senior painting course that further develops techniques and concepts with a focus on contemporary practices leading to self- initiated projects.


More courses in the Course Catalogue.


Portrait of Julian Forrest, MFA

Julian Forrest, M.F.A

Julian teaches studio courses in Foundation, Drawing, and Painting. His painting practice largely focuses on the figure, as represented in popular culture.

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Portrait of Andrea Korda, PhD

Andrea Korda, PhD

Dr. Korda teaches courses in the history and theory of art and visual culture. Her research focuses on 19th-century art and visual culture with an emphasis on new media.

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