What is Drama?

Drama portrays life. Through stories of emotion, conflict, fact, or fiction, drama can transport both the actor and audience anywhere imaginable. Performance is the art of expression and is useful in communicating meaningful messages on any stage, and in any meeting, classroom, or conversation.

Drama at Augustana

Each year, Augustana's drama department mounts one full-scale theatre production and one studio production. When you take drama at Augustana, you'll learn the fundamentals of acting, improvisation, movement, directing, and more in small classes that provide a supportive environment to explore and expand your talent.

Program Information

Drama at Augustana is available as a:

Academic Innovations

All programs at Augustana include a wide-ranging liberal arts Core, taught within our unique “3-11” calendar

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With an undergraduate degree studying drama from Augustana, you will have developed a set of skills directly applicable to a career in theater such as:

  • Actor
  • Stage Manager
  • Playwright
  • Director

Drama AlumnA

A portrait of Karen Wedel
Karen Wedel
High School Teacher

As a teacher who has landed her dream job teaching high school English and drama, Karen finds that the skills she learned at Augustana come into play in her work every day.

Course Highlights

138 - Theatre Company

Ensemble production of improvisational or scripted plays. Involves an extensive research component appropriate to the chosen production. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor, based on audition.


233 - Clown and Mask

Exploration and experimentation in impulse inspired performance using mask, improvisation and clowning techniques.


350 - Introduction to Directing

Fundamentals of directing explored through practical exercises.


430 - Movement + Physical Theatre

Introduction to the use of abstract and improvisational movement with a view to creating physical performance pieces.


More courses in the Course Catalogue.


Portrait of Kevin Sutley

Kevin Sutley, M.F.A

Professor Sutley has also taught acting and directing for Theatre Alberta, the Citadel Theatre and the University of Alberta North campus.

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