Available as an Area of Study in the Creativity and Culture Major in:

Bachelor of Arts

Available as a Minor in:

Any program

Augustana's drama program allows students to experience all aspects of theatre, including:

  • Acting
  • Improvisation
  • Directing
  • Performer created theatre
  • Story Theatre
  • Play analysis
  • Theatre history
  • Dramaturgy
  • Scene design
  • Lighting and sound
  • Stage carpentry
  • Stage management
  • Costuming
  • Public Relations

The small department size allows students and instructors to get to know each other, helping students' growth both as actors and individuals. Classes provide a supportive, respectful environment for students to explore and expand their personal boundaries.

Theatre Productions

A group of students doing a play

Each year the drama department mounts one full-scale theatre production a year, along with one studio production. Auditions are open to all students attending Augustana and fine arts scholarships are available for involvement in the plays.

The plays chosen fluctuate between classic and modern, comedy, drama and absurd. Plays are performed in our intimate 100 seat theatre space, and draw a large audience from the surrounding community. Students/actors have the benefit of a long run (usually in the neighbourhood of 10 performances per production).