Ep 6: Using AI in your business

04 October 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the future of business. Whether it be oil and gas, agriculture, health care, banking, or retail, big data and machine learning have transformed everything we do. A world-class talent pool at the University of Alberta, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and Google DeepMind have turned Edmonton into a global AI powerhouse. Government, universities and the private sector must work hand-in-hand to further develop Alberta's AI capacity so that both the province and country can reap the social and economic rewards of being at the forefront of the next industrial revolution.

Artificial Intelligence in business podcast


Cory Janssen - Co-founder and CEO of AltaML Inc.
Anna Koop - Senior Scientific Advisor, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
Patrick Pilarski - Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Fellow
Curtis Stange - President and CEO, ATB Financial


Kyle Murray - Vice Dean & Professor of Marketing, Alberta School of Business

October 4, 2019 62 minute listen

Episode Highlights

  • (6:35) Approaching the applied AI Project-A business focus, and little bets
  • (8:50) Imagine you have a factory-UAlberta and AMII as global AI powerhouses
  • (14:00) We give it away for free-Students are our most valuable product
  • (22:00) The 850-page manual-How AI has transformed banking
  • (28:50) Killer robots-Dispelling the myths around AI
  • (32:00) Bot bias-Adding diversity of thought to AI systems
  • (35:00) Amplifying our own potential-The role of AI in business
  • (43:00) For the price of an overpass-The need for Alberta to invest in AI
  • (51:45) Unintended consequences-Job loss as a consequence of automation

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