Graduate Certificate in Education Sciences

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Education Sciences is a for-credit certificate program in the Faculté Saint-Jean, Division of Education, for professionals seeking specialisation in various subjects/fields linked to school-based education. The program consists of four content courses for a total of 12 credits in the following areas:


Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes (LOs) addressed by the Graduate Certificate in Education Sciences are as follows.

  1. Be able to manage your own learning.
  2. Deepen and expand one's knowledge and skills in the various areas of education.
  3. Be able to evaluate and synthesize advances in research and current practice in education.
  4. Systematically and creatively integrate local, provincial, national, and international contexts and challenges relevant to educational research to address complex educational issues.
  5. Build capacity to support learner success in formal and informal educational settings.
  6. Collaborate with the full range of education professionals (including teachers, leaders, curriculum developers, and extracurricular specialists) to build professional capacity and expertise.

The LOs above will align with the Teaching Quality Standards below.

  1. Foster effective relationships.
  2. Model commitment to professional development.
  3. Demonstrate visionary leadership.
  4. Lead a learning community.
  5. Support the application of basic knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.
  6. Provide instructional leadership.
  7. Build leadership capacity.
  8. Manage school operations and resources.
  9. Understand and respond to the broader social context.


Admission Requirements

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Program Requirements

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