Rotations - Nephrology Residency Training Program


We offer the incoming nephrology fellow a well organized program with specific objectives, and a large complement of training experiences designed to enable the trainee to meet these objectives. Our program is committed to the training of excellent nephrologists who are well equipped to meet the expectations of the contemporary specialist. We are also committed to fostering the career goals of our graduates either in clinical nephrology or as clinician scientists


  1. Core curriculum / training conferences several hours a week.
  2. Fully developed rotations with experienced attending staff - see Rotations Menu on right.
  3. Strong Clinical and Basic Research Program
    • Transplantation Immunology
      Principal Investigator: Philip Halloran, M.D.
    • Glomerular Endothelial Cell Biology
      Principal Investigator: Barbara J. Ballermann, M.D.
    • Cell Biology of the Endothelial Response to Inflammation
      Principal Investigator: Allan Murray, M.D.
    • Clinical Epidemiology in Nephrology
      Principal Investigator: Aminu Bello, M.D., Ph.D.
    • Efficacy and Ethics in End Stage Renal Disease
      Principal Investigator: Sara Davison, M.D.
    • Health Economics in Nephrology
      Principal Investigator: Scott Klarenbach, M.D.
    • Renal Transplantation Outcomes
      Principal Investigator: Sita Gourishankar, M.D.
    • Clinical Research in Dialysis
      Principal Investigator: Kailash Jindal, M.D.
    • Systemic consequences of renal dysfunction
      Principal Investigator: Branko Braam, M.D., Ph.D.
    • Home Hemodialysis
      Principal Investigator: Robert Pauly, M.D.
    • Clinical Research in Acute Kidney Injury / Quality Improvement in CKD/ESRD
      Principal Investigator: Neesh Pannu M.D.
    • Kidney transplant monitoring
      Principal Investigator: Kevin Wen, M.D.
    • The Ethical Conduct of Research
      This training applicable to all research projects
  4. Unique, world class physical plant (Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre), contiguous with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and with medical research facilities.
  5. Fellowship preparation examination series for final year trainees, with written practice examinations for all trainees, including the American Society of Nephrology exam in training