Renal In-Patient Ward


The nephrology ward consists of approximately 18 in-patient beds. The nephrology trainee will be responsible only for the daily care of these patients.

This rotation will provide the nephrology trainee with experience in managing patients with newly diagnosed acute and chronic renal failure, as well as provide experience in managing end stage renal failure (ESRF) patients hospitalized with a variety of medical conditions. The trainee will learn the techniques of hemodialysis catheter insertion.

Trainees should concentrate in becoming proficient in:

  1. The diagnosis and management of acute and chronic renal failure
  2. The management of inter-current medical problems in patients with ESRF
  3. The recognition and management of psychosocial problems associated with ESRF
  4. Integrating efficiently and smoothly into the multidisciplinary team required to manage patients with ESRF


The trainee will be responsible for:

  1. The delivery of day-to-day care for all patients admitted to the renal service under attending staff supervision
  2. The assessment, in a timely manner, all new admissions to the service
  3. The supervision of the activities of the junior medical resident assigned to the service
  4. The provision of daily teaching and guidance to the junior medical resident and any medical students assigned to the service
  5. The arrangement of appropriate discharge care for all patients, including follow up as necessary


Evaluations are provided by the attending staff nephrologist(s) assigned to the ward rotation, with input from other divisional members and the clinical ward supervisors, and are based on clinical/procedural skills and day to day performance