Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Analytical Services

Arctic Resources Laboratory
A world-class geochemistry facility containing 6 state of the art mass spectrometers, 2 laser systems and a 2200ft clean lab, enabling trace element analysis and radiogenic isotope dating of many geological materials.

Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis
Canada's only multi-collector SIMS laboratory (Cameca IMS 1280). In situ analysis of stable and radiogenic isotopes with micrometer resolution and precision comparable to bulk techniques.

Electron Microprobe Laboratory
The electron microprobe investigates minerals at the micrometre-scale, allowing rapid identification, quantitative chemical analysis, and phase mapping with electron or X-ray images.

Scanning Electron Microsope
This lab houses two scanning electron microscopes. These instruments provide high-resolution electron images of surface textures and microstructures, and rapid qualitative chemical analyses and maps.

C.M. Scarfe Laboratory
Research includes investigation of the conditions at which melting occurs within the earth, determination of the stability of different minerals and mineral assemblages, and examination of the conditions of growth of natural diamond.

Crustal Re-Os Geochronology Laboratory
This laboratory specializes in Re-Os geochronology of molybdenite, other sulfide minerals, organic-rich shales and natural hydrocarbons.

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
This laboratory houses two Rigaku powder X-ray diffractometers that are used for the identification of the identity of powdered crystalline materials, and powdered mixtures of crystalline materials.

ICPMS Facility
The ICPMS facilities are capable of routine solution based measurements of Sr, Nd, Hf, and Pb isotopes. Addition laser ablation add-ons also allow for in situ trace element measurements and U-Pb age determinations for select matrixes.

Thin Section Laboratory
The lab is capable of preparing both standard or polish samples of most materials in configurations such as 1"x2" or 2"x3" slides, 1" block mounts, fluid inclusions and custom. Sample preps include rock, soil, pottery, bone, meteorite, paper, coal, metal, etc.