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Cathy Adams, PhD, MAdEd, BSc (Computing Science)

Professor and Vargo Teaching Chair


Secondary Education


Drawing on links between phenomenology, pedagogy, and philosophy of technology and media scholarship, Dr. Adams’ research program addresses digital technology integration across K-12 and post-secondary educational environments; ethical and pedagogical issues involving digital media in schools; Phenomenology, postphenomenology, and related sociomaterial approaches to qualitative inquiry (e.g. interviewing objects); and K-12 Computing Science curriculum and pedagogy

Dr. Adams is affiliated with the Faculty of Education's Technology and Learning Sciences Lab (TALS). She is currently a Mitacs Research Council (MRC) board member, a member of the executive board of the Media Ecology Association, and part of the Pan-Canadian K-12 Computer Science Framework Advisory Group. She has served as Pedagogy Editor for Explorations in Media Ecology, and on the editorial executive of the open access journal, Phenomenology and Practice. Other projects include maintaining Max van Manen's website, a popular resource for human science researchers. She recently headed up the research assessment team for the CanCode-funded Callysto project, a free, interactive, curriculum-based Computational Thinking and Data Science development tool for schools. 

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in education focusing on the pedagogy of technology, K-12 Computing Science education, or topics based in phenomenology or postphenomenology, please contact Dr. Adams at


Undergraduate Teaching

EDU 210 Introduction to Educational Technology

EDCT 400/500 Coding and Computational Thinking for Teachers

Graduate Teaching

EDSE 510 Research Methods in Secondary Education (online)

EDSE 577 Pedagogy of Technology: Teachers and Students as Cyborgs

EDSE 611 Phenomenological Research