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Claudia Eppert

Associate Professor


Secondary Education

About Me

Claudia Eppert is an associate professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta. She graduated with her doctorate from OISE/University of Toronto in 1999, and was an assistant/associate professor at Louisiana State University for eight years, during which time she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in curriculum theorizing, ethics and social transformation, and English language arts education. She returned to Canada to become a faculty member at the University of Alberta in 2007. Influenced by her experiences living in Germany, Canada, Iran, and Singapore during her formative years, her research over these last two decades has been focused upon the ethics and complexities of witnessing social/environmental suffering and trauma, and upon the possibilities of global healing, ecologically-minded well-being, and personal and social transformation through engagements with literature, arts, commemorative practices, and mindfulness/contemplative practices. This research is informed by continental philosophy on ethics (eg. Levinas and Derrida), hermeneutics, critical theory, aesthetics, literary studies, and also by the Upanishads, Buddhist philosophy, Daoist texts, and literature from diverse ancient and contemporary wisdom traditions more generally. Centrally at issue in her research is the perennial question of how we might together envision and embody a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world, and the potential of educational theory, policy, and practice to contribute to such transformation.


General Fields of Research and Teaching:

  • English Language Arts Education
  • Curriculum Theory
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Critical Pedagogy & Cultural Studies

Specific Areas of Inquiry:

  • Intercultural philosophy and ethics education
  • Ethics of literary/aesthetic engagement
  • Mindfulness, wisdom, and contemplative education
  • Witnessing social/environmental suffering, trauma, and healing through literature, arts, media, commemorative practices
  • Social justice, eco-justice, & transformative education


    Graduate and Undergraduate Courses Taught

        EDSE 401/501: Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Contemplative Pedagogies for a More Compassionate, Just, and Sustainable world
        EDSE 501: Witnessing Social Suffering/Trauma Through Literature and the Arts
        EDSE 501: Literacy, Literature Education, and Social Change
        EDSE 610: Doctoral Research Seminar
        EDSE 427/451: Advanced Professional Term in English Language Arts Teaching