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Claudia Eppert, PhD., M.Ed., M.A, B.Ed., B.A.

Associate Professor


Secondary Education

About Me

Claudia Eppert is an associate professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta. She graduated with her doctorate from OISE/University of Toronto in 1999, and was an assistant/associate professor at Louisiana State University for eight years, during which time she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Curriculum Studies and English Language Arts Education. She returned to Canada to become a faculty member at the University of Alberta in 2007. 

Influenced by her experiences living in Germany, Myanmar, the U.S., Canada, Iran, and Singapore during her formative years, Eppert's research over these last two decades has been focused upon the ethical and pedagogical complexities of witnessing social/environmental suffering and trauma through literary, aesthetic, and contemplative engagement, along with exploration of the possibilities of psycho-social and ecological transformation/well-becoming.

Eppert is co-editor of Cross-Cultural Studies in Curriculum: Eastern Thought, Educational Insights (with Hongyu Wang, Lawrence Erlbaum, Taylor and Francis), and co-editor of Between Hope and Despair: Pedagogy and the Remembrance of Historical Trauma (with Roger I. Simon and Sharon Rosenberg, Rowman and Littlefield). Both of these books received an AESA Critics Choice Book Award, and Cross-Cultural Studies in Education also received AERA Outstanding Book Recognition (Curriculum Studies Division). Eppert has served as co-editor (with Daniel Vokey) of the journal, Philosophical Inquiry in Education (formerly known as Paideusis), for which they edited two special issues on Contemplative Practice, Education, and Socio-political Transformation. 

In 2018, Eppert received a Great Supervisor Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta.

Eppert is a long-time practitioner of meditation in the Theravada Buddhist/Insight tradition (and recently completed a two year Deepening Awareness program). She has practiced Tai Chi (Yang style), and currently practices yoga. Her favourite poets are Rumi and Mary Oliver. She enjoys walking in the woods, connecting with spaciousness, and contemplative photography. She advocates for eco-justice.

Graduate students interested in literary/literature education, aesthetics/cultural studies education, curriculum studies, philosophy of education, mindfulness/holistic/contemplative education, ecological education, psycho-social transformative education, or alternate areas related to Professor Eppert's research are welcome to contact her at

Please note: Professor Eppert is currently on sabbatical and not taking any new students.

Academic Credentials


1999   Ph.D., Department of Theory and Policy Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto
                      Dissertation Title: Learning Responsivity/Responsibility: Reading the Literature of Historical Witness.
                      Supervisor: Roger. I. Simon
1992   M.Ed., Department of Theory and Policy Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto
1990   B.Ed., (Secondary English Language Arts Education, Social Studies Education, ESL 1), Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
1987   M.A.,  English Literature, University of Toronto
1984   B.A.,   English Literature, University of New Brunswick


1992  German as a Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate, Goethe Institute, Toronto
1990  Ontario Teacher’s Certificate, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
1989  Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate, Woodsworth College, University of Toronto


Eppert's research is primarily informed by: literary and aesthetic/cultural engagement; postcolonial, feminist, and poststructuralist theories; continental philosophy (eg. Levinas, Weil, Derrida, Gadamer); witness, trauma, and remembrance studies; wisdom texts and traditions (eg. Buddhism, Taoism, the Upanishads); critical pedagogy (eg. Freire), mythopoetics (eg. Joseph Campbell); eco-philosophy/eco-psychology/eco-literacy; and psychoanalytic explorations (eg. Kristeva, Felman). Research methodologies of primary interest include theoretical research, hermeneutics, literary/aesthetic/cultural criticism, textual research, currere, autoethnography, life writing, métissage, heuristics, transformative inquiry, contemplative inquiry, action research, arts-based research.

Research Summary:

Edited Books

Eppert, C. & Wang, H., (Eds). (2008). Cross-cultural studies in curriculum: Eastern thought, 
educational insights. (Curriculum Theory Series) Mahweh, N.J LEA Routledge, Taylor and Francis.

Simon, R.I., Rosenberg, S., & Eppert, C., (Eds.). (2000). Between hope and despair: Pedagogy and the remembrance of historical trauma. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield.

Special Themed Edited Journal Issues

Vokey, D. & Eppert, C. (Eds.). (2013). Contemplative practice, education, & socio-political transformation, part two [Special issue]. Philosophical Inquiry in Education (formerly known as Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society), 21 (2).

Eppert, C. & Vokey, D. (Eds.). (2012). Contemplative practice, education, & socio-political transformation, part one [Special issue]. Philosophical Inquiry in Education (formerly known as Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society), 20 (1).

Book Chapters, Articles, & Published Conference Proceedings (Selected)

Eppert, C. (in press). Forest walks in the Anthropocene: Meditations on joy, grief, and a restorative educational politics. In M. Bussey & C. Mozzini (Ed.) A phenomenology of grace: The body, embodiment and transformative futures. Palgrave MacMillan.

Eppert, C. (2018). On lack and joy: Contextualizing educators’ suffering and well-being. Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies 12, (2), 1-23. doi: 10.14288/jaaacs.v12i2.190619

Eppert, C. (2018). Rumination on pedagogical rhythms. In E. Hasebe-Ludt & C. Leggo (Eds.). Canadian curriculum studies: A métissage of inspiration/imagination/interconnection (p. 34). Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Eppert, C. (2017, May 5). Well-being, curriculum, & transformative envisioning in the Anthropocene. Symposium on Student Mental Well-Being and Well-Becoming, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

Eppert, C.,Vokey, D., Nguyen, T.T.A. & Bai, H. (2016). Intercultural philosophy and the nondual wisdom of basic goodness: Implications for contemplative and transformative education. In O. Ergas & S. Todd (Eds.), Philosophy East/West; Exploring intersections between educational and contemplative practices (pp. 129-151). West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley and Sons. (Reprint of journal article)

Eppert, C. Vokey, D., Nguyen, T.T.A. & Bai, H. (2015, May). Intercultural philosophy and the nondual wisdom of basic goodness: Implications for contemplative and transformative education. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 49 (2), 274-293. doi: 10.1111/1467-9752.12141

Bai, H., Eppert, C., Scott, C., Tait, S., Nguyen, T. (2014). Towards intercultural philosophy of education. Studies in Philosophy and Education: An International Journal, 34 (6), 635-650. doi: 10.1007//s11217-014-9444-1

Eppert, C. (2013). Awakening education: Toward a rich tapestry of mindful and contemplative engagement for social/environmental transformation. In J. Lin, E. Brantmeier, & R. Oxford (Eds.), Re-envisioning higher education: Embodied pathways to wisdom and social transformation (pp. 337-351). Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing (Transforming Education for the Future Series).  

Eppert, C. (2012). ‘Walking the talk’: East-west reflections on forgiveness, remembrance, and forgetting. In P. Ahluwalia, S. Atkinson, P. Bishop, P. Christie, R. Hattam, & J. Matthews (Eds.), Reconciliation and pedagogy (pp. 65-94). New York: Routledge. 

Eppert, C. (2010). The ‘war within’: Ethical and spiritual responsibilities to children in an age of terror and consumerism. International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 15 (3), 219-232. doi: 10.1080/1364436X.2010.524637

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Eppert, C. (2009). Remembering our (re)source: Eastern meditations on witnessing the integrity of water. In M. McKenzie, H. Bai, P. Hart, & B. Jickling (Eds.), Fields of green: Re-storying culture, environment, and education (pp. 191-210). Hampton Press.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Courses Taught

EDSE: 503/505: Curriculum Foundations
EDSE 501: Witnessing, Imagination, Transformation
EDSE 501: Curriculum of the Heart: Ethics, Emotions, Well-Being
EDSE 401/501: Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Contemplative Pedagogies for a More Compassionate, Just, and Sustainable World
EDSE 501: Witnessing Social Suffering/Trauma Through Literature and the Arts
EDSE 501: Literacy, Literature Education, and Social Change
EDSE 610: Doctoral Research Seminar
EDSE 427/451: Advanced Professional Term in English Language Arts Teaching