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Damien C. Cormier, PhD, RPsych

Associate Professor, Director of Training (School and Clinical Child Psychology)


Educational Psychology

About Me

PhD, University of Minnesota, School Psychology (APA & NASP Accredited) 

MA, University of Minnesota, School Psychology 

BA (Hons), University of Manitoba, Psychology 


Psychological and Educational Assessment
What are the key variables that lead to meaningful educational decisions for students? How can we increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of our psychological and educational assessments? Some of my work to date has focused on improving the ways we collect educational data; whereas others have focused on the practices of psychologists when they use standardized measures (e.g., IQ tests). 

Financial Literacy
How can we improve the financial outcomes of current and future generations? What is the best way to reach young people to increase their financial literacy? Working from a foundation in behavioural economics and finance, I believe that research grounded in educational psychology can make a significant contribution to this area of research. Currently, I have two branches of research related to financial literacy—one focuses on understanding the needs of young people; the other is to improve the financial literacy of all Canadians. 

Learning and Development  
What processes can be explained by developmental models? How can we optimize learning? I have attempted to answer these questions by investigating the influence of specific cognitive abilities on learning in key curricular areas (reading, math, writing). In addition, I have examined the influence of language development and acculturation on learning and development. Future projects in this area will likely include a focus on gifted students. 

EDPY 304: Adolescent Development and Learning

EDPY 521: Foundations of Psychological Assessment

EDPY 518/519: Individual Psychological Assessment

EDPY 527: School-Based Interventions and Counselling

EDPY 640: Developmental Psychopathology