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Dip Kapoor

Professor, Theoretical, Cultural & International Studies in Education


Educational Policy Studies

About Me

Dip received his PhD from the Department of Educational Policy Studies (EPS) at the U of A and then took up a tenure track position at McGill University in Montreal before returning to the U of A as a professor in International Education in the Theoretical, Cultural and International Education Specialization, EPS in 2006. He is a voluntary Research Associate, Center for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS), a rural Adivasi (original dweller) and Dalit (“downtrodden” castes) small/landless peasant and forest-dweller popular research organization in Orissa, India and is President (and founding member) of a voluntary organization that has been working on land, forest and food sovereignty struggles/movements in India since 1995.


  • Development dispossession & resistance (indigenous/small peasant movements) in Asia, Africa & the Americas
  • Adult education, political learning & organizing 
  • Critical sociology of education & schooling (race and caste)
  • Globalization of capitalism, education & cultural imperialism
  • Critical global education (schools & NGOs); Politics of NGOs and development
  • Anti/critical colonial, Marxist & Indigenous socio-political thought 
  • Participatory/action research & critical-qualitative research methodologies


Untouchability, casteism and schooling in rural India: Exploring local response and resistance (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2013-2019, $268,386)

Learning in Adivasi (original dweller) social movements in India (Principal Investigator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2006-2009, $81,308)

Adivasi/Dalit/Small-landless peasants and NGO-social movement politics and learning in neoliberal contexts of development dispossession (Voluntary Research Associate, Centre for Research and Development Solidarity, Orissa, India) (1995-current, non-funded)

Social movement learning in defence of Ghana's Songor Salt Lagoon in Ada (Collaborator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada with Dr. Jonathan Langdon, Principal Investigator, Development Studies Program, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia) (2011-2014, $121,791)