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Dip Kapoor, International Education

Professor, Social Justice & International Studies in Education Specialization


Educational Policy Studies

About Me

Dip received his PhD from the Department of Educational Policy Studies (EPS) at the U of A and then took up a tenure track position at McGill University in Montreal before returning to the U of A as a professor in International Education in 2006. He is a voluntary Research Associate and Honorary Board member (since 2006) of the Center for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS), an Adivasi (original dweller) and Dalit (“downtrodden” castes) small/landless peasant and forest-dweller popular research organization in Orissa, India and was President (and founding member) of a voluntary organization that has been working on land, forest and food sovereignty struggles/movements in India since 1995. Research, Political Engagement & Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (Kapoor, D., & Jordan, S., Eds., 2019, Zed: London & NY) and Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., Ed., 2017, Zed: London & NY) are recent contributions to the literature on neo/colonial capital, development dispossession/resistance and learning in social action, including academic research(ers) and Indigenous, small peasant and (forced) migrant worker struggles in the neo/colonies.


  • Colonialism, capitalism (development/globalization) & education 
  • Dispossession/resistance & learning in Indigenous, peasant & migrant worker/labor social action [Asia, Africa, Americas]
  • Sociology of education [race, caste, class]
  • Academic research and social action [critical interpretive/participatory research & anti-colonial, Indigenous and Marxian socio-political thought


Research endeavours to date have been built around a program of interdisciplinary (political-sociology and critical adult education) engaged research with CRDS and its' rural constituencies addressing: (a) critical explorations in to the politics of state-market-civil society led development-displacement and dispossession, exploitation and marginalization (pauperization) of Indigenous (Adivasi) Peoples, small/landless Dalit peasants/forest-dwellers and migrant labour; and (b) related political learning and popular education work in Adivasi-Dalit-rural poor social action (movements). 

CRDS and partner Adivasi-Dalit organizations have been integral to the process of organizing some 26,000 Adivasi-Dalits in 150 villages (core) and a wider network of 350,000 across 516 villages. The facilitation of collective land/forest claims for subsistance cultivation & access to minor forest products/hunter-gathering (land claims that are non-commodifiable -- 'dead capital') over 30,000 acres of forest/cultivable land and ongoing territorial claims utilizing the Forest Rights Act/2006 has been central to this process as has securing deeds to hutment area land for 5200 households thereby precluding summary eviction on the grounds that these are "illegal squatters". Organized initiatives addressing landless and displaced Dalit-Adivasi-rural poor (exploited) labour include ensuring 100 days of guaranteed work at the requisite wage rate stipulated under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). 

Research projects addressing this program of research undertaken with CRDS (with the exception of one Collaboration in a different context) and in accordance with the guarantees afforded to Scheduled Tribes and Castes (ST/SC) under the Articles of the Constitution of India and the commitment towards building a sovereign and socialist (democratic) republic (with justice, liberty, equality and fraternity) in the Preamble, include:

1.Adivasi/Dalit/small & landless peasant & NGO-social movement politics and learning in neoliberal contexts of development dispossession (1995-current; non-funded) 

2.Learning in Adivasi (original dweller) social movements in India (Principal Investigator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2006-2009, $81,308)

3.Untouchability, casteism and schooling in rural India: Exploring local response and resistance (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2013-2019, $268,386)

4.Social movement learning in defence of Ghana's Songor Salt Lagoon in Ada (Collaborator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada with Dr. Jonathan Langdon, Principal Investigator, Development Studies Program, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia) (2011-2014, $121,791)

Edited Book Collections from this work to date include: 

Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., ed., 2017); Research, Political Engagement and Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (edited with Steven Jordan, in press, 2019); and NGOization: Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects (edited with Aziz Choudry, 2013)-- all with Zed Publications (London & NY) and Learning From the Ground Up: Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production (edited with Aziz Choudry, 2010/13, Palgrave Macmillan, NY).

Refereed Articles in relation to various aspects of this work over time have been published in journals such as: 

Canadian & International Education, (1995, 24[2]); Adult Education & Development (2002, 58[1]); New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education (2003, 99); Convergence (2004, 37[2] & 33[3]); Development and Practice (2005, 15[2]); International Education (2007, 37[1]);  Gender, Place & Culture (2007, 14[5]); McGill Journal of Education (2009, 44[1]); Journal of Asian and African Studies (2011, 46[2] & 47[4]); Studies in the Education of Adults (2011, 43[2]); Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements (2013, 5[1]); and Educational Action Research (2016, 24[1]).


GRADUATE COURSES (University of Alberta)

EDPS 506: Critical Sociologies and Participatory Action Research

EDPS 520: Adult Education, Popular Movements & NGOs in the Global South (graduate elective)

EDPS 525: Globalization, Global Education & Social Change (graduate elective)

EDPS 526: Race, Racialization & Education (graduate elective)

EDPS 591: Foundations of Education: International Perspectives & Issues (TCI graduate core)

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES (University of Alberta)

EDPS 360: Society & Education (elective)

EDPS 410: Ethics & Law in Teaching (core)

EDPS 422: International Development Education (elective)

EDPS 425: Global Education: Issues & Strategies for Teachers (elective)

EDFN 493: Basic Contemporary Issues in Education (discontinued)

EDAL 401: The Role of the Teacher (discontinued)

EDFN 101: Diversity and Commonality in a Pluralistic Society (discontinued)

UNDER/GRADUATE COURSES (McGill University, 2003-2006)

EDER 600: Globalization, Education & Change (graduate elective)

EDER 609: Educational Implications of Social Theory (graduate core)

EDER 639: Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDER 643: Gender, Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDEC 301: Global Education (undergraduate elective)


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