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Heather Kanuka

Heather Kanuka, BA, BEd, MEd, PhD



Educational Policy Studies

About Me

Heather Kanuka is currently Full Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada. Heather’s first appointment in 2002 was at the University of Calgary where she was an Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education and Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Centre. In 2004 Heather was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Teaching, Learning and Technologies in Higher Education at Athabasca University. In 2007 Heather moved to the University of Alberta and was appointed as Academic Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Alberta. Her current position is Graduate Coordinator and Professor, Educational Policy Studies.

Heather’s current research focus revolves around philosophies of teaching and technology, and academic development.


Teaching, learning and technology in higher education; Academic development