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Jennifer Branch-Mueller

Graduate Associate Chair, Professor


Elementary Education

About Me

Winner of the Margaret B. Scott Leadership Award from the Canadian School Library Association

Co-winner, with Dr. Joanne de Groot, of the 2011 Faculty of Education Technology in Teaching Award


My areas of research focus on several aspects of the education and further education of teacher-librarians. I have investigated the experiences of students in our online teacher-librarianship program and, more specifically, in our required technology class. I am interested in how our teacher-librarians learn about new and emerging technologies and how courses and experiences transform their practice.

I am also interested in further professional learning and how this happens when teacher-librarians often work in isolation and have unique professional learning needs as compared to other teachers in a school.

I continue to be interested in how children and young adults find and use electronic information. From my doctoral research, I developed an interest in the Think Aloud method as a way to gather process data from children and young adults. I continue to be quite interested in the Think Aloud method as it is used in research practice.


Classes Taught

EDES 540
EDES 542
EDES 544
EDES 549