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Jorge Sousa, PhD


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Educational Policy Studies

About Me

My education background includes the following: 
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). 2006  
  • Master of Arts, Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). 2000 
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours, Department of Psychology, York University. 1997
My primary inspiration for working in the realm of community development was based on my experiences of converting public housing to co-operative housing and as president of the Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto. I am comfortable working with different research methodologies, in particular mixed methods approaches. My primary research approach is community based, which results in research outcomes that have significant social value. I often work with community-based non-profit organizations to conduct research as well as participate in planning processes relevant to capacity building and development.

My areas of research expertise all fall within the context of the intersection of community development and adult education. I am primarily engaged in research aimed at understanding and strengthening Canada’s Social Economy. The specific topics that my research is focuses on includes: strengthening Canada’s Social Economy; governance and member engagement of non-profit and co-operative organizations; higher education and partnerships; and public policy related to community development and community economic development. 


  • Community development/community economic development
  • Learning styles in social economy organizations
  • Community governance models
  • Participatory decision making
  • Housing policy and practice


Graduate Courses—The University of Alberta

  • Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research, EDPS 581  
  • Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice, EDPS 580
  • Conducting Educational Research (Online), EDU 515
  • Foundations of Adult Education, EDPS 577 
  • Education and Community, EDPS 567 
  • Learning and Teaching at the Adult Level, EDPS 521  
  • Research Project Capping Exercise, EDPS 900  

Graduate Courses—Cape Breton University

  • Business and Community Development I, MBAC 5101 
  • Business and Community Development II, MBAC 6101
  • Applied Research Methods, MBAC 6121

Undergraduate Courses—The University of Alberta

  • Ethics and Law in Teaching, EDPS 410 
  • Society and Education, EDPS 360  
  • Cross-Cultural Studies in Education, EDPS 411