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Kent den Heyer



Secondary Education

About Me

Kent den Heyer earned his Ph.D in Curriculum Studies from the University of British Columbia, MA from The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, B.Ed from Mount Allison University, and BA (history and philosophy) from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. At UBC, he worked in Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness dedicated to research into the intersections of collective memory, history education, social psychology, and media studies, and, at the Canadian federally funded Public Knowledge Project seeking to enhance the scholarly and public quality of academic research through innovative online environments.

Dr. den Heyer has taught a range of subjects and grades in schools in Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and Colombia, prospective social studies teachers in Canada and the United States, and has developed workshops on citizenship and democratic education for international scholars. He presently serves as editor of Canadian Social Studies and is a former Co-chair on the Governing Council for the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference.

He has published and presented research internationally on student and teacher interpretations of the conditions necessary for social change, psychoanalytic approaches to anti-racist education, and curriculum theory. His future work now in progress examines possible educational implications in the work of the French philosopher Alain Badiou, the role of literature in historical consciousness, investigating and initiating mechanism to contest the commercialization of public education, dis/utopian visions of education, and the life work of R. Buckminster Fuller.


Social Studies Education, Agency and Social Change in History and Social Studies, Psychoanalytic Approaches to Anti-Racist Education, Education Read Through Alain Badiou, Curriculum Theory and Education Philosophy