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Leila Ranta, PhD

Associate Professor


Educational Psychology


My research has mainly focused on different aspects of second language grammar development and the teaching of grammar in second language classes. Studies I have been involved in include interlanguage analysis, form-focused instruction experiments, the relationship between the analytic component of aptitude on L2 learning, and issues relating to teachers’ corrective feedback. More recently, I have been exploring the relationship between SLA theory/research and grammar teaching practice. This has been done through surveys of adult ESL teachers’ beliefs and grammar teaching practices and the analysis of ESL grammar textbooks. My interest in these topics has led me to become a member of the executive committee of the Association for Language Awareness (ALA) and co-editor, with Dr. Joanna White, of the Language Awareness journal.

A second area of engagement has been the study abroad experience. This includes a SSHRC-funded study of international graduate students’ exposure to English and my ongoing role as the Academic Advisor for the Visiting Students Certificate Program (VSCP) at the University of Alberta International.