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Martin Mrazik, BSc, BEd, MEd, PhD, R.Psych.

Associate Professor


Educational Psychology

About Me


I completed my clinical training in school psychology and later specialized in clinical neuropsychology, so I have a broad interest in working with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of learning, cognitive, behavioral, and psychological concerns.

My research and clinical interests in neuropsychology consider the application of neuropsychology to specific populations.  First, I am interested in traumatic brain injury in children and athletes. I am a co-investigator in 2 Canada wide CIHR grants aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment for paediatric traumatic brain injury. I also have a specialized interest in sport concussion and am currently a part of a Canada wide study evaluating injury outcomes from sport concussion. Specifically in what psychological outcomes arise from sport concussions and what psychological variables predict prolonged recovery from sport concussion. Finally, together with other researchers ad the U of A, we are determining biochemical forces of injuries in sport.

Other broad research interests include neuropsychological impairments of children with more significant developmental disabilities. I have become very interested in International School Psychology and finding opportunities for graduate students to use their skills for the global community.