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Patricia Boechler



Educational Psychology

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Dr. Patricia Boechler's general research interests include cognition, memory, learning and developmental psychology. More specifically, her research focuses on the study of cognition and learning in educational technology, particularly in investigating cognitive and educational frameworks that can inform our use of these technologies. Dr. Boechler is interested in understanding how various technologies (websites, video games, virtual reality applications, learning management systems) can be optimized for educational purposes. Below is a list of her current and ongoing projects:

  • Virtual World, Game-based Social Skills Interventions for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Adolescents
  • Virtual world student orientation to post-secondary education
  • Implicit learning of information in educational websites and virtual worlds and its relation to cognitive styles, literacy and spatial skills
  • A series of studies on older adults and computer use focusing on correlations between various cognitive skills and perceptual abilities, and performance on computer tasks.
  • Video game use and its effects on attributions of aggression and cognitive reasoning.
  • Using video game creation in the classroom for teaching and learning