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Rebecca Hudson Breen, PhD, MA, BA, BEd

Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology


Educational Psychology

About Me

PhD, MA, University of Victoria

BA, BEd, York University

Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical orientation in Counselling Psychology is integrative, drawing from constructivist and humanistic traditions. In working with clients, I focus on interpersonal process, and strive to foster a collaborative relationship that honours each individual's life context, strengths, and experiences. I also draw on interventions from Emotionally Focused, Cognitive-behavioural and Mindfulness-based approaches. I am a Registered Psychologist and a Certified Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.


As a researcher, I am most interested in questions of career-life, the intersections of multiple life roles (including both paid and unpaid work), and relational contexts of career. More specifically, I am interested in the experience of mothering work as an aspect of career-life, and past research has focused on the experiences, choices and strategies of mother entrepreneurs. Drawing on my experiences as an addictions clinician, I am also interested in the intersections of career-life and addictions recovery.

A current project, funded by the Alberta Gambling Research Institute, is designed to shed light on intersections of gambling and work-life, including the experiences of individuals who engage in gambling in the workplace.


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EDPY 538: Theory and Practice of Group Counselling

EDPY 597: Special Seminar: Psychology of Careers

EDPY 635: Special Topics in Counselling Psychology: Theory and Practice of Couples and Family Counselling